3 Pointers of Real Education!

Education! A word which is important for our survival. It’s not a thing that we have to follow till graduation. Education is something that starts at the very moment when you are born.

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today we will be discussing “3 Pointers of Real Education”.

So, education is something that’s a part of our daily routine. Education is present all over. From the newspaper you receive to the TV Programs you watch.

Let’s start the 3 pointers of Real Education.


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The Quality of Education is an important thing defining one’s fate. If a student has received quality of education, then his condition will be far better than one who doesn’t have.

But what is the quality of education? Are they proper books? Proper time tables or what? Basically, Quality of Education involves methods of education which are based on proper approach, conceptual clarity and application based thinking.

So, now we will be considering all of these things.

Proper Approach:

We have a variety of teachers in School, don’t we? Some we find very friendly, while some are strict. Everyone has a different way of teaching and a different approach too. So, what is this proper approach? Well the answer is- It Depends!

Yes! You read it right. It actually depends, as one approach can’t be applied for every student. So, there’s really a hoard of a particular correct approach in the market. Since, there’s no perfect answer, what I personally think is to observe.

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Sit in your classroom, and observe which teacher is able to clear your doubts, and whose teaching style is liked by you and your friends. Observe which teacher is motivating you and which one of them is guiding you at every step.

This observation of yours will tell you a lot. You will be able to find a way of learning things. You will know that by applying this approach, you will achieve results.

In My Sense, Applying a Proper Approach is as important as Eating Food. Sitting in a proper posture while eating food keeps you good, but the moment you try eating while laying, the food will choke your throat. Similarly, when you apply a bad approach, you tend to lose grip on concepts rather than getting benefited.

Conceptual Clarity:

Here comes the thing which most students don’t follow. Just learning the formula won’t suffice. You need to get the whole basics of concepts first. The When and Hows, The What and Ifs of the Concept should be known. Unfortunately, This is a thing that we don’t consider.

If I have to write an article on Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, I need to know about him. Mere copying someone’s words won’t help me. It will only make my memory weaker.

So, next time you want to learn a concept, just find all reliable sources and start making notes with proper explanations.

Application Based Thinking:

Application based Questions have been taught to us in Books, but we really don’t care about it. A Word Statement is not an application based question.

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An Application based question will be the one that is happening in real life. If a student is buying and selling products in the real world, he will learn about Profit/Loss. If he is throwing javelins, he will learn about the Trajectory of Parabola. I have many such examples like that, which will prove that Practical Applications are present in the Real World and Out of the Books. These activities will impact one’s thinking practically.

Bottom Line:

At the End, the concluding statement will be that don’t compare learning and education. Education is way bigger than learning. Education is the collection of Learning, Reading, Writing, Speaking, etc. It involves practical application, it involves moral conscience of one’s mind, etc.

So, keep enjoying Education and live happily. If you have any suggestions and demands, kindly comment below for the same.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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