5 Points that make English a Skill!

Do you remember in the previous post, I talked about English as a Language? In this one, I will describe how it is serving as a Skill.

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today, we will be discussing “5 Points that make English a Skill”

So, what we have here is an English Platter full of Words, Expressions, Sounds, etc. This Platter is for sure a Skill. If you don’t think it is, I am going to prove this today.


English Skill
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Skill is anything that you can acquire, work upon and get expert. This is not something that you just have to learn. The same goes with English, it has to be nurtured in your mind, in your tongue, in your ears etc. To classify English as a Skill, I need to project some really valid reasons, which are given below.

English is Growing Everywhere:

Whether we call it demand for English or the speakers, It is growing at a much faster pace. Particularly in India, A person with Good English Skills has an upper hand over the one who doesn’t.

This is a fact that English is serving as an Eligibility Criteria for most of the Jobs & Exams. A Company before hiring a candidate makes sure that he/she is well versed in English. With the Prerequisite Knowledge of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Good English Skills are also now one of the most sought skills.

So, after looking this way, Can we say it is a Skill? In my Opinion, a Big Yes!

Coaching Institutes:

Yes! Just Roam around the Streets of Uttam Nagar, Delhi, you will find many coaching institutes, in which some will be of English Speaking. Why do we need Coaching Institutes?

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We need them because they are there to enhance your skills, be it speaking or writing. Something which can be enhanced comes under the category of Skills.

For Example- You could barely speak in English, but after joining coaching, you gradually become fluent day by day.

This is what is commonly known as Skill Enhancement, which works on Enhancing not just one skill, but a variety of interrelated skills.


If English was a mere language, why would there be a heavy competition? It is there, because it is a skill. A Skill which everyone desires to acquire.

Though Acquiring & Learning skill is not difficult, to maintain the proficiency in it is. Like Other Skills, English is the same case. If you don’t practise it, then you lose a grip on it.

Parameters of English Skill:

So, I know that you must have been offended after hearing the word “Skill” again and again, but still I have two more points left to explain. English is not just limited to Speaking, it involves a variety of Parameters like-

  1. Grammar
  2. Expression
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Fluency
  5. Tone
  6. Body Language
  7. Confidence & etc.

I can write a plethora of such parameters. But I guess, I have made my point.

So, because of the combination of such powerful parameters, we can say that English is a Skill, as it requires the precise knowledge and application of the above stated parameters.

English: A Combination of Skills itself

Till now, you have a better understanding of English. You can now Believe that English is made up of so many things.

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So, coming back to the Skill part. English is itself made up of Skills, namely


This is the main part where people feel bad about. I also felt bad about speaking English. But, this is how I solved my problem. When I was a School Student, I used to participate in Debates. Debates are a good way to open doors for English Speaking. So, You can try that if you feel sad about your speaking skills. But, You must agree with me that Speaking is a Skill.


A most simple yet complicated part. Listening is a human tendency, but Listening English is surely a skill. You have to be familiar with the words the speaker is using. Basically, Listening to English is all about how receptive you are, and how you take notes of particular details.


Hello Readers, who are reading this article. I am surely helping you in enhancing your Reading Skills, isn’t it? Jokes Apart, but yes, reading is again a skill as it focuses on how concentrated and focussed you are while reading.


Last but not the Least, Writing Skills are being taught in our schools from primary classes. How to use a particular word, what the format should look like, how to arrange words in the correct order. These are something that comes under Writing Skills.

Bottom Line:

Combining Both the article of English as Language and a Skill, we can infer that English is primarily a language that has grown up to a Skill, because of worldwide usage, English as a common communication medium, and of course of it being a Survival Language and a Survival Skill.

So, If you are an English Learner, Keep sticking with us at Humanitarian. We try to inculcate Simple Language for easy understanding and complex words for vocabulary enhancement, in our articles. Kindly Comment for any suggestions and demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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