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  • India’s increasing rape cases: The Psychology of a Rapist

    India’s women are being raped and murdered at an alarming rate, and the country’s officials aren’t quite sure why it’s happening at such an alarming rate or what can be done to stop it, as manipulation of psychology of a rapist is not that can be taught. In the first half of 2016 alone, India […]

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    psychology of a rapist
  • India’s politics: A necessary evil in democracy?

    In today’s fast-paced world, India has stood out as the fastest-growing country in the world, with continual economic reforms and a booming technology sector. However, while India’s economy has been steadily growing, but India’s politics has not. It has been held back by corruption and inefficiency, two problems that are seemingly inevitable in any democratic […]

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    india's politics
  • Gandhi Jayanti: A Time to Reflect on the Ideology of Mahatma Gandhi

    One of the most influential leaders in Indian history, Mahatma Gandhi has had a huge impact on the modern world. This single man was able to change people’s views on race and religion by using non-violent methods as well as his strong beliefs in God, as a result of which India celebrates Gandhi Jayanti for […]

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  • How Important is Education for the betterment of Society?

    Education is essential for the betterment of society. It has the potential to provide people with a better life and in turn, improve the quality of life for all individuals. It also produces more engaged and motivated students to learn, rather than just sitting around playing video games on their smartphones all day. In addition, […]

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