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  • Brilliant standard of spending and financing

    Spending your pay shrewdly is the essential guideline of keen individual financing. In any case, it isn’t strange if you feel plagued about following each and every rupee that goes through your wallet or financial balance. The arrangement lies in setting up a basic planning framework that removes the aggravation from bookkeeping and assists you […]

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  • “The Potential Level of Stress in Today’s Youth.”

    Stress! A word which is so popular now, which can be heard by even a young teen. Once, I was going and met some children. It was their exam day, so they were in tension. But, When I talked with one of the students, he said, “I am Stressed and Depressed.” I was shocked. I […]

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  • e-Rupi and how does it serve?

    The word “Digital ” is becoming a piece of everything which we use in daily life. This will not only be meant for making our life easy but also be related to becoming more efficient and contactless(as taking this corona situation in mind). As the whole world is growing with digital money, now India had […]

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  • 5 Ways to Stay Motivated all the time.

    Sup! I was feeling blue the other day and then started searching for Motivation. Luckily, I found a huge chunk of content. So, I started watching videos, l listened to songs, I binged movies, and whatnot. After watching so much Motivational content, I realised that I had wasted my whole day. I am Lakshay R […]

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