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  • “Friends: A Golden Gift of Life!”

    A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed. A line which comes to everyone’s mind. But, in my sense, A friend is one, who supports you at every stage, who knows you well, is always there for you. And to celebrate this friendship, we have friendship day. So, let’s start. I am Lakshay R Goyal […]

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  • Girl in a lost Library: 15, December 2019

    15, December 2019 when the national capital was under the horrifying environment of protest. Aaisha, a 20 years old girl, was studying in her college Library. Most of the students were on their way home as the winter holiday was started. But Aaisha didn’t because was preparing for the National Entrance Test Exam and want […]

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  • 5 Ways to Manage Your Routine Effectively.

    Well! Routine is something that we all have and we all want to follow. But, only a few of us end up following the same. So, why are we unable to follow and manage our routine? I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today, I will be discussing “5 Ways to Manage Your […]

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  • Pegasus: A modern Internet criminal.

    In today’s world where everyone has many secrets and personal information in their smartphone related to their personal life and accounts. In this growing world, everything is growing not only the humans and the nation but also the spyware and strategies to look into someone else. What if I say someone can hack your smartphone […]

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