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  • BJP Influence in Indian Politics

    Today in India, BJP has a strong base on the ground level in other words BJP influence is also vast. BJP covered a long journey from a party with 148 MLAs & 2 MPs to a party of 1296 MLAs & 303 MPs. Through the journey, BJP shades a great influence on Indian politics and […]

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  • Zomato’s share fell to the lowest ever. Why?

    If you are an investor and track stock market performance. Then you are well aware of the news that Zomato’s share price fell (slipped) slipped to its lowest on 26th July. When Zomato was listed a year ago then the investors collected a huge profit from it. But if we look recently then we find […]

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    zomato's share fell
  • Pakistan is on Sale?

    Recently Pakistan government passed an ordinance. The ordinance states that the government of Pakistan can now sell their country’s assets to any foreign government. The sale of assets will happen to prevent the country from defaulting. It’s not privatization. As in privatization, any private country can buy stacks of any government authority. But here the […]

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    pakistan selling its assets, pakistan on sale
  • With the economy, employment in India is not increasing.

    In India, the number of unemployment protests is increasing day by day. Recently we all witnessed massive violence by students against the Agnipath Recruitment scheme. The government of India said it will create young & Agile Armed forces. But it was contract-based job recruitment, so it fronted a lot of violence.Hashtag employment is now familiar […]

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    Unemployment - Employment In India

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