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  • Changes In GST India

    Many changes have been made to GST in India (or GST India) since its announcement in 2017. As there are many things that don’t include GST, some have 5% or 12% or 18% or the highest one is 28%. The government (both center and state) changes continuously to ensure that they never face a deficiency […]

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    Changes In GST India
  • Why Pakistan Is Facing Economic Crisis?

    Today, Pakistan is facing an economic crisis. The condition is too bad that the government of Pakistan is advising people to reduce tea consumption. Not only in tea, but they also showed some reduction in paper consumption. This shows a sign of Pakistan economic crisis.In this article, we will talk about Pakistan’s current condition. And […]

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    Why Pakistan Is Facing Economic Crisis?
  • Agnipath Violence: The line of protests and violence

    Today I remember one quote from Martin Luther “Nothing good ever comes of Violence”. I literally believe in this. Because with violence we only lose never gain. I remembered it today because of the agnipath violence. On the previous Fridays, we witnessed news about brutality and roughness. First, it was because of Muslims, and then […]

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    Agnipath Violence: The line of protests and violence
  • Inflation is here to eat you up

    The Nobel Prize-winning financial specialist, who died in 2006, broadly pronounced that Inflation is dependably and wherever a money related peculiarity. Flooding cash supply and Inflation in the previous year have Mr. Friedman’s adherents announcing, “no real surprises there.” Try not to anticipate that national banks or financial specialists should re-embrace monetarism. As the convention […]

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    Inflation is here to eat you up

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