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  • How Important is Education for the betterment of Society?

    Education is essential for the betterment of society. It has the potential to provide people with a better life and in turn, improve the quality of life for all individuals. It also produces more engaged and motivated students to learn, rather than just sitting around playing video games on their smartphones all day. In addition, […]

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  • 5 Tips For Achieving Financial Stability

    Achieving financial stability can seem impossible if you’re just starting out. Figuring out how to pay off your debts, save up for a rainy day, and achieve other financial goals can be pretty overwhelming, especially in today’s difficult economic times. With that said, you can take many steps to help you achieve financial stability by […]

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    the path to happiness
  • How to Solve Inequality in Society?

    You hear it all the time: We need to make a difference! But making a difference in society often just results in increased inequality, and it’s not as helpful as you think. Sure, helping the homeless is great and all, but every time you give money to your local soup kitchen or food bank, you’re […]

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    man holding cardboard with equality text
  • Who is Responsible for the Bilkis Bano’s Case?

    We all know there is a discussion in the world about the greatness of Indian Democracy and the Constitution. And there’s no doubt about it. But the power deviation through the constitution increases the probability of misuse. And here we saw a recent example of the Bilkis Bano case. We will discuss the whole issue […]

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