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  • Chinese Nationalists Celebrates Shinzo Abe Death

    On the 8th of July, Asia woke up with the news of the former Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe being shot. On one side when the world gets shocked by this(Shinzo Abe death) news. Then the Chinese social media was celebrating his death. People were making fun of his death and called the killer a […]

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  • UK inflation is heating up

    UK inflation has now rose to fresh 40 years high of 9.1% previous month. It is currently at 9% and is expected to rise up to 11% by October. The raw material cost are booming and the retail prices went up than expected to 11.1%. UK inflation to 40 years high While the leap was […]

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  • National Herald Case: Money Triangle By Congress

    “National Herald Case” is a case that everyone wants to understand about who has a political interest even a little bit. Many of us think that this is happening because of BJP. May be current ruling govt. has any personal sentiments over this case. But in reality, congress created a money triangle. That triangle consists […]

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  • Changes In GST India

    Many changes have been made to GST in India (or GST India) since its announcement in 2017. As there are many things that don’t include GST, some have 5% or 12% or 18% or the highest one is 28%. The government (both center and state) changes continuously to ensure that they never face a deficiency […]

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