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  • Agnipath Scheme: Good or Bad?

    Agnipath scheme is getting more and more controversial day by day. And it’s quite hard to answer what’s the reason behind this. The government is saying people don’t want to understand the scheme. And people are saying the government doesn’t make them understand well about it. Also, the government doesn’t have a proper employment plan, […]

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    Agnipath Scheme: Good or Bad?
  • The Crypto Winter is coming.

    The Crypto Winter is here. It is evident now the markets all over the world are in turmoil and are going south. Crypto is no less, the global weaker markets has spared no one then what is crypto. Every sector in the business and retailer world has been facing the wrath of weaker global economies. […]

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    The Crypto Winter is coming.
  • Agneepath Recruitment Scheme

    “The youth of India have great respect for the armed forces . Also they get attracted to the passion of the armed forces. The Agneepath is a great option for them”. This was the statement by the government of India. But the youth of India is protesting against this Ageepath recruitment scheme. And in many […]

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    Agneepath Recruitment Scheme
  • Prophet Controversy And Islamic Nations

    A controversy started by Nupur Sharma(Former Spokesperson of BJP) during a TV debate, crossed its edges. Now this fire is not just spreading in India but in the whole Islamic world. What was the case and how did it affect India, we have already discussed this in the previous article. This article will discuss the […]

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    Prophet Controversy And Islamic Nations

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