Agenda of Election should be a religion?

BJP is setting the agenda of election every time, even after seven years. Rahul Gandhi always tries to fit into that agenda formed by BJP. Before the general election of 2024, the UP election will decide the pre-wining credentials of the BJP. And this UP election is also a test for Yogi Adityanath as a CM candidate.

It’s not easy to win an election in UP, as this is where party power changes after every five years. As first BSP, then SP, and then BJP. They repealed three farm laws. They knew that that can be a proven barrier in their path to win. But will this help BJP to win the UP election? Time will tell.

Agenda of Election

So what will be the Agenda of the upcoming election?

You are very Innocent if you think that the agenda will be about inflation, jobs, farmer problems, economy, etc. for the upcoming UP election. The phase one inauguration of the Kashi Vishwanath Corridor project was greatly backed by tremendous media coverage.

Not Kashi neither India nor the world witnessed such inauguration of any corridor project. Sloganeering of God, holy dip in Ganga, and then eating with workers. No one integrates politics and religion, as well as our PM, does. Then there was Nehru whose ideology was to separate politics from religion.

So what was controversial?

You may agree or not but some find that it was controversial and call it a virtual political campaign. A virtual political campaign by the money of taxpayers on the behalf of religion. But not only BJP even every party would agree internally and do this in the same way but on a low level. And stay agree that vote comes from this.

Congress and their diffrences ?

Just one day before the Kashi corridor inauguration, Rahul Gandhi targeted the center in a Jaipur rally. The topic was on costliness. In that rally, he explains how Hindutva Vadi is different from Hindu. And how different these ideologies are. He explained that Hindu seeks truth in all life but Hindutvavadi seeks power at any cost.

Rahul Gandhi meant from 2014 the Hindutvavadi are in power and are false Hindus. This is not the first time he tried to explain the difference between Hindu and Hindutvavadi.

But the question is that Will the center of the UP election be religion? If yes then will Rahul Gandhi and congress get success in explaining the difference between Hindu and Hindutvavadi to the people? Or, will it backfire and the public might assume he is insulting Hinduism?

So why congress is trageting religion as topic/agenda of election?

With all this, we can understand that Congress is digging for itself. There are many issues at a hand then why Congress is talking about all this?

The answer is that maybe BJP had successfully labeled Congress as Anti-Hindu. Congress has lost this perception Game. And Sonia Gandhi had also admitted it and said that we have to correct this perception that Congress is Pro Muslim and Anti Hindu.

BJP showed that Congress has fake secularism. And in oppose to this Congress is trying to show that BJP has political Hinduism in the shadow of religion Hinduism. And if we understand this up-down cycle then can realize that all this is political sense. But impossible to prove for today’s Congress and as the path shows for future too.

Conclusion for this agenda of election

In the battle of Hindu and Hindutvavadi, no doubt BJP has more experience than Congress and it’s next to Immposible for Congress to defeat BJP. And BJP will never allow Congress to stand on Secularism the congress is between the devil and the deep sea. But with congress will hurt the sentiments of people even if even they don’t want to.

The History of Congress is more than a decade and in this Hindu vs Hindutvavadi Congress is forgetting theirs uproots. The roots of Congrees were meant to be secular but now they are wandering for a tag. They should have to understand that religion can’t be a political agenda. If they want to win the election they should stand as a voice of the public and give front to their real issues.

The agenda of the upcoming election should be inflation, unemployment, economy, the issue of banks dealing with bad loans, press freedom, secularism, farmer problems, etc., not religion.

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