Believe: A satisfactory part of Happiness

“To accept others first you need to trust yourself”


Believing someone can be referred to as accepting the talks & facts and everything from the person you speculate. But in today’s world, we don’t believe someone blindly. It’s neutral like something terrible but at the same time, it’s not surpassing.



See I am not talking about a scenario like you are a nine-year-old guy playing in a park and someone offers you chocolate and you refused to take it because your mother told you not to accept things from strangers. This doesn’t allude to accepting.

I am talking about the people who are around you, to whom you talk daily, and to whom you want to talk.
In today’s session, we will talk about
● How to believe someone?
● Believing everyone is a good thing?
● What to believe?
● What makes you believe them?

Let’s find answers

See to believe someone is not about losing our own sense of humor and mentality. But mean to listen to someone’s point of view properly.
To believe someone you just need satisfaction. Let me talk to you in-depth with an example. If I tell you that the earth is going to finish tomorrow. Will you go to the temple and pray to God? Or say I am made?
Absolutely you will say I am made if you are not (jokes apart).

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So to speculate someone doesn’t mean to believe blindly, it just means to only listen and if it looks true then believe otherwise leave it. If something satisfies you then it can make you believe that it’s true.
So now come to the second point that believing everyone is a good thing or not.
Remember one thing if you believe someone it implies that that person has some importance in your life. And when you’re showing someone you believe them it makes you feel that they are important to you and it will make your stand different in their life. But again believing doesn’t have any side effects until you have a brain.
So in conclusion I can say that believing is a good thing.
Now the question arises: what to believe?
See to tell you this answer you have to understand that also surround yourself with only those people who believe not only in a time when you are going to be sussed but also in a time when you are loosed. This will help you to be confident. This will satisfy you more and make you believe more.
And now last but not least, what makes you believe them?
The answer is simple trust makes you believe. Suppose if you don’t trust me then will you believe me? Absolutely not.
I can only trust those people who can satisfy me if I asked you a question about what you did. And you are unable to answer that or you are hesitating in answering then surely I have a trust issue and which will definitely affect the belief. Have you noticed the clock again come to satisfaction? So I can imagine that it plays a key role in all this.
As the conclusion of the last point, we can understand that the belief depends on trust and trust depends on satisfaction.

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Now let me tell you about my own term “belief chain”.
If someone tells you about something then may it be true or false? But if proven false then is It the fault of belief? No. To understand this better I will consider two cases
Case1> may be the person who provided you the information who got the wrong information.
Case2> maybe he/she wanted to say something else but you mean it wrong.
There can be many more cases. But the thing is we want prospects to watch the truth and the prospect should have to be positive.
So let me complete today’s session with a final line that if we want to make our bond strong with someone, then we have to stop judging and start believing the truth.

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