BJP In UP Again?

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BJP is going to change the history of UP? By winning the two consecutive elections? I am not believing in an election opinion poll. But just reflecting on the points I got while researching this interesting topic. BJP in UP again?

In this topic, we will be going to focus on mainly one pole, which is Why people support BJP? Or can say why they want BJP again?

Why people support BJP?

It’s true that people of UP are Sore due to Inflation and incomplete payment of welfare schemes. But still, they want BJP to come into power again. And it’s quite possible that you will assume that this is because of Modi’s popularity. May this be possible to some extent. But we witnessed in many state elections that solely Modi’s popularity can’t make them win.

Welfarism under BJP Government


If we are taking the positive of BJP in light, then welfarism and infrastructure will hit the first. In UP, where SCs comprise 20% of voter ground, the party’s outreach has been prepared to highlight the benefits that the socially and economically marginalized have emanated from a clutch of government schemes.

There are many people who get great benefits from schemes from the BJP government. It can be an example of Modi Awas Yojana or covid monthly allowance. People got Rs. 500 allowance for three months in 2020.

We know that 500 for a month is not too much, but for a wage worker, it’s still something. And it this not true that this scheme was only introduced by the BJP government. This was also operational for the previous government, but many parts of it were usurped by the distributors and officers. But now the money is directly transferred by the government to the beneficiary’s bank account.


In Mirzapur, the government has built two new bridges that connect to Varanasi directly. And this modifies people’s opinion that they can face inflation, but they are getting a good infrastructure.

There were some major projects done in UP that are

  • AIIMS, Gorakhpur
  • Kanpur Metro
  • Uttar Pradesh Defence Industrial Corridor
  • Kushinagar Airport
  • Bundelkhand Expressway
  • Ganga Expressway
  • Kashi Vishwanath Dham

BJP about Crime in UP

When the BJP government came into power then they highlighted that they will not tolerate crime as the Smajwadhi party failed. And CM Yogi told in an interview”Our government has maintained that we would adopt a zero-tolerance policy towards crime and corruption and that is the line that the government has been working on and will continue to do so.”

On the topic of crime, there are many who believes that the government has done well, but there are many people who don’t believe and say crime has been increased.

And In this government, there were many arrests have been done against politicians who had criminal backgrounds like the arrest of former Samajwadi Party Law Maker Atiq Ahmed on the charge of assault on staff, one more major arrest has been done against BSP MLA Mukhtar Ansari in an extortion case.

Many extrajudicial encounters have also shaped this perception. Since 2017, there have been over 150 encounters deaths happened in UP.


In the circle of Hindutva, the BJP covers major segments and doesn’t know about the future, but no one can hold it right now. There are many beliefs by the people that BJP shows some extra light to Hindutva.

The BJP has a great vote area from Hindu voters. And no one can change this perception.

In last which counting negatives

The people of UP have many issues and some major ones are inflation, cows, and Farmers Income.


In the year 2017-18, the average inflation rate was -0.4% and that goes up to 7.5% in the year 2019-20. This increase is about 7.9%. Today, the issue of inflation is a big problem. As the Income of people is not increasing. And covid has done a negative impact too.


In the year 2020, the Up government amended the state’s cow protection law that punishes cow slaughter with 10 years jail. But as this law came into place, the government did not think about the cows that are not able to give milk anymore.

Earlier, these cows were sold out by the owners for the meat or the leather. And UP government did not provide any facilities to shelter such cows. Because of this, many such cows invade the fields and destroyed all the crops.

Farmers Income

Many people are happy that the Modi government take back all the farm laws. But the income of a farmer still hasn’t increased. And because of this, many Farmer’s organizations are still upset by the Modi government.

Every government do something, ignore something, provide something, and plans something. But we should focus on which government will lead their state to the top.

We choose the government. And they work for us. That’s what democracy says.

Government is of the people,by the people and for the people.

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