BJP Influence in Indian Politics

Today in India, BJP has a strong base on the ground level in other words BJP influence is also vast. BJP covered a long journey from a party with 148 MLAs & 2 MPs to a party of 1296 MLAs & 303 MPs. Through the journey, BJP shades a great influence on Indian politics and modified it on different levels.
The biggest blame that the opposition puts on BJP is their Ideology. According to the opposition BJP is using the wrong Hindutva accroach for their vote bank. This distorted the communal harmony in our country.
But BJP’s view is that in India there are many Islamic, socialist, and Dalits organizations and they all represent a single community. So it’s okay to have a party with Hindutva ideology. And Ideology of Hindutva is not against other religions. They respect every religion and the secularity of India.

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Internal Security

Over the years, India has had an image of a peace-loving country. In the history of more than thousands of years, India never attacked any country first, to cross its boundary. But as time passed, the enemies of our country treat these principles as our weakness. After Independence Pakistan attempted various times to break the unity of India in 1965, 1971, and 1999. When they failed direct attack. Then Pakistan resorts to terrorism. Pakistan-based terror groups carried out various terrorist attacks in India. Sometimes on the Military and sometimes on local civilians.
Every government in their rule took good steps in every attack. But many analysts believe that BJP changed the way of approach. BJP slant India’s soft approach to a hard approach. This made a big change in Indian politics. The best example is the Surgical strike of 28 September 2016.
It’s not true that India has never done this kind of strike previously. Like there was a strike that happened name OPERATION GINGER in 2011. But the approach creates a difference in both governments. Congress isolated this issue from the common people and politics. But BJP discusses this kind of issue in mainstream politics. And this modified Indian politics in a new direction.

International Politics

India has a unique and separate image in International politics. After Independence, it can be the charge of the Non-Alignment movement Jawahar Lal Nehru, under which India rejected capitalism and communism. Or it can be Indra Gandhi’s iron lady impression, which can’t even be ignored by the US president.

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According to many experts, India was lacking a charismatic and aggressive leader after Indira Gandhi. And that gap was filled by PM Modi. No doubt Atal Ji and Man Mohan Singh worked well and did many strokes during their ruling period. But after 2014 BJP promoted India to succeed in devising its independent foreign policy in International forums. Today we can see balanced aggression in India’s foreign policies. This aggression was necessary to face the challenges offered by countries like China and Pakistan. Pm Modi created his popularity among the Indian diaspora which can be considered a major victory for him.
BJP created a balance between soft power and hard power. And that brought a major change in Indian politics.

Decision Making

For many years it was a ritual that the government will only take people’s friendly steps. But after 2014, in a short time of rule BJP took many major steps that were highly controversial. It can be demonetization, demolition of article 370, farm law, and recently Agnipath scheme. See every government took decisions in order to grow their country. But their way of implementation is always different.
BJP influence in pl stands on a different level of decision-making due to . As they took many bold and tough decisions with high self-confidence. But implementation needs a connection of understanding between the government and the People. And in many factors, BJP steps back in that. BJP lacks conversation and that brings misunderstanding among common people. And that creates violence. As we can see the example of Farm law and Agnipath violence.

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