Bulli Bai App: Behind Reality?

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In June 2021, there was an app “Sulli Deals“, on which the auction of the pictures and details of the Muslim Women of India was happening. It was a grim reality depicting digital Harassment of Muslim women. And, Now this “Bulli Bai” is emerging as a similar one.

Again this year with a date of the happy new year, one similar app comes in front. Like Sulli Deals, it is also a place for the auction of photos of Muslim women. It’s also a fake app.

But before going on the Bulli Bai case, let us discuss a brief of Sulli Deals.

Sulli Deals

sulli deals bulli bai

Sulli is a derogatory term by Hindutva extremists for Muslim women. The App “Sulli Deals” came to light when men started sharing their ‘deal of the day’ on Twitter. This was far for the first time that Muslim women have to be vocal about constant harassment and rape threats by extremist ideology.

The app uploads images of Muslim women without their prior consent and used inappropriate remarks against them. The pictures were of journalists, activists, artists, analysts, and researchers with derogatory remarks and had put them for auction.

But the question was there any action going on? So yes, Delhi Police did register the FIR, but no one went behind the bars.

Bulli Bai

Bulli Bai app is almost similar to Sulli deals on which the auctioning of Muslim Women was going on. Their photos were actioned which were stolen from social media account. The app was taken down following wrath on social media.

A journalist shared her photo on social media of being sold on the Bulli bai app as” Deal of the day”, On the date of the new year(1 January 2022, Saturday). And on Twitter, she said that it’s very sad that as a Muslim woman you have to start your new year with this sense of fear & disgust.

Action on this app “Bulli Bai”

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said “To “sell” someone online is a cybercrime & I call on the police to take immediate action. The perpetrators deserve exemplary & condign punishment”.

The union minister of information technology Ashwini Vaishnav said that GitHub blocked all users on Saturday morning and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT) & Police are coordinating for future action.

Complaint Filed

The journalist filed a complaint to the cyber cell of Delhi Police.

The Complaint read”It is indeed disappointing to see the impunity with which such hate mongers continue to target Muslim women, without fear of sanction whatsoever. Based on tweets posted on the Delhi Police handle, I believe that Delhi police has ‘taken cognizance’ of this offense”.

According to the reported news agency ANI Delhi police has registered a case. Under section 509 Indian penal code and the case is registered in the cyber cell station of Southeast District.

“Bulli Bai” Staff’s Arrest Done

The Delhi Police has said that a 21-year-old man from Assam who had made the Bulli Bai app has been arrested. The name of that person is Niraj Bishnoi who is a B.Tect student flown to the capital. It was done after the days when Mumbai police made three arrests in the case.

Deputy commissioner of police K.P.S Malhotra said the accused is from Assam’s Jorhat and a Second Year student of Vellore Institute of Technology in Bhopal.

“Special Cell has arrested the main conspirator and creator of the bullibai app on Github. With the arrest, the controversial Bulli Bai app case has been solved completely” D.C.P added.


GitHub is an open-source software repository service, and it’s the world’s largest open-source developer community platform where users upload their projects and code for others to view and tweak.

It works on a simple concept that anyone as a developer can upload whatever software code or app code or any software idea. And then can collaborate with them to help and improve the uploaded content, or can find errors and fix them.

Anyone can view any public project present on GitHub, and almost every feature of this platform is free for users. Organizations can use paid accounts to upload their software and projects for collaboration.


If we see the whole case from the surface, then we may conclude that it’s a mistake or lunacy of some ’20s students. It’s not about only Muslim Women, there are many channels on telegram that are in auctioning of Hindu women. But the thing we are not able to understand all is a result of an optimistic flow of religion.

Because it’s a matter of concern that why this accused were targeting Muslim women. The username of a social media account of Shweta Singh(accused in the Bulli Bai case) was jattkhalsa06. And she took instructions from her Nepali friend from Nepal.

So what does this whole perimeter with different dimensions indicate? Is there anyone who wants division? Is he from outside or from Inside?

And one more thing is important that those names who were present in the Bulli bai app on auction. Don’t have any fault, don’t find there mistake in it. Support them that in this fight we are with them.

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