China against Taiwan is Weak?

China agains Taiwan

China is operating Live Fire Drills in Taiwan. The drills are executed on Taiwan Strait, penetrating Taiwanese Airspace and its Territorial Waters. Twenty-one fighter jets of the People’s Liberation Army invaded and returned from Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone. China’s forces are monitoring Taiwan from all around. Taiwan’s Digital space is also continuously hacked by Chinese Hackers. But still we got a doubt that China against Taiwan is Weak

We witnessed the same scenario just a few weeks ago between Ukraine and Russia. So everyone is predicting, that no one can stop China from attacking. But this situation is different from the Russia-Ukraine war. Defense and Strategic Experts has different point of view. So now the question rises what’s the reason behind this scary military show?

How current hike started?

As we all know, recently house of representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi, was on a trip to Taiwan. That trip was very important because almost after 25 years, a high rank US government official dared for a diplomatic visit to Taiwan. And The person who visited Taiwan was non-other than Nancy Pelosi. She has been criticizing China over Taiwan for a long time. And the rivalry between Nancy and China is very aging.

She reached Taiwan on the 2nd of August and on the next day she meet many top officials and human rights, activists, including the President of Taiwan. She also reassured USA’s commitment to Taiwan and its democracy.

Nancy has completed her visit. But her visit has created one more critical situation in front of the whole world. Everyone has a question now that this conflict will extend to Russia-Ukraine or not? #world War 3 is trending on Twitter for the past few days. The risk of a crash in US stock markets is clearly showing.

Everyone was predicting that Nancy will not have her visit because of China’s pressure. But she completed her highly risky visit all proved all predictions wrong. Before visiting the question was whether will she do her visit or not. But now the question is, will China attack Taiwan or not?

Will China convert its word into action or not? Will Taiwan also become a battleground like Ukraine? Seriously no one knows this answer. But China has very weak points over Taiwan, and those points are making China helpless. And maybe that’s why China didn’t attack Taiwan directly.

Why China is weak and Helpless?

According to many experts, China is trying to showcase its strength to Taiwan. China is trying to tell that it can easily anytime overpower Taiwan. Also, experts say, right now China can’t afford to bear its engagement in a War with Taiwan. By declaring war against Taiwan, China will go against the US and Japan. And allies of Taiwan(the USA and Japan) are ready to be in a war against China. They will help Taiwan directly with the proper engagement.

China against Taiwan

In 1979 there was legislation passed in the US. The legislation was to support Taiwan if it is attacked. Under the Mutual-defence treaty between the US and Taiwan, the US supplies weapons to Taiwan. And the Visit of Nancy Pelosi confirms the commitment of support to Taiwan. Before Joe Biden, all the presidents were in a confusion. But Joe Biden shows his direct support to Taiwan.

So if the war happens then we can imagine, how worst a war will be between the military of two superpowers of the world. So China will not do such a big miscalculation.

Chinese Military forces are strange with the metropolitan warfare technicalities and don’t also unknown with the required skills to launch a successful attack on Taiwan. If China will try to overpower Taiwan then the war will not happen between China and Taiwan. It will happen between China and the group of Taiwan, Japan, and the USA.

China has witnessed the Russia-Ukraine War. That being a high-tech and strong military still Russia didn’t invade Ukraine successfully. And it’s hard to invade Taiwan as compared to Ukraine. Because Taiwan is surrounded by water and also Taiwan has a strong army than Ukraine.

Taiwan’s coastal regions are not good for invasion. There are about 14 small beaches in Taiwan that are equipped with missiles, rockets, and artillery guns. That means for China this battleground is full of challenges.

Ukraine was not important to America as it was the 67th biggest trading partner of it. But Taiwan is the 9th biggest trading partner of America. So we can imagine how important Taiwan is. Not only for America, but Taiwan is also important to the whole world. Because everyone is using electronic devices. And for it, the chip is a very important component that is made up of semiconductors. Taiwan is the global hub of semiconductors and is called the checkpoint of the global electronics industry.

The attack on Taiwan will paralyze China and the global tech industry. Most of China’s economy is based on export. So it will be difficult for China to gain International support. And it will affect its export and then further the economy.

In Last

There are many views we can see in this conflict. But as we discussed that is making China a little weak and helpless in front of Taiwan. If the war will happen then China will face the most destructive consequence ever. It will not able to handle the western boycott. Russia took a really small time to overcome. But China will suffer for a long time.

There will presidential election next year in China. And Xi Jinping is appearing in it for the 3rd time. If China loses the war then Xi Jinping will definitely lose its people’s support. So War will also affect the election.

Right now the whole world is suffering from the Ukraine-Russia war. So the World can’t afford one more war. It will affect the whole world badly. Till now as all the calculation shows China will not take such a harmful step as War. But who knows the future, we can only predict.

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