Chinese Nationalists Celebrates Shinzo Abe Death


On the 8th of July, Asia woke up with the news of the former Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe being shot. On one side when the world gets shocked by this(Shinzo Abe death) news. Then the Chinese social media was celebrating his death. People were making fun of his death and called the killer a hero.

Shinzo Abe

What happened?

Shinzo Abe was in the city of Nara. He went there to attend an election campaign. Then suddenly the killer came and shot Mr, Abe twice, this cause him to fall to the ground.
Mr. Yoichi Masuzoe(Ex-Tokyo governer) informed on Twitter that Shinzo Abe is in a Cardiopulmonary arrest state. In Japan, this term is used for the state before death’s official confirmation. Reports say that the killer is arrested.
Owning a gun in Japan is difficult. This ordeal makes Japan a safe place and gun violence is extremely rare. Japan had self-pride over their safety of living but this made common people shocked too.

India’s Reaction On Shinzo Abe Death

India also reacted to this news. Our PM showed distressing and saddened over Shinzo Abe death. PM Modi also announced one-day national mourning on 9 July 2022. India knows very well that it lost one of its dearest supporters of all time. In the past few years, India and Japan build a strong relationship between them.

Chinese Social Media

While all the incidents had happened and every country was showing its sadness over death. China’s social media, which includes Weibo or TikTok, and WeChat, was spreading this news with the joy of happiness. A lot of unsavory and ill-timed jokes and jibes were taken into account.
Some of the comments from the Chinese social media were like “Thank you an anti-japan hero(killer)”, “Party Time”, “Hope the men have trouble, hope the gun is fine”, and “Today I will eat an extra bowl of Rice”.

Conflict between Japan & China

Japan and China have a long and complicated history full of wars and rivalry. Both the countries have a lot of common things between them. That can be in terms of the writing system, architecture, culture, law, philosophy, literature, and religion too.
They have a big dispute due to the East China Sea. There is an Island near this sea called Ryukyu Island. China claims that it’s china’s land but Japan denies. At present, the Island is under Japanese influence
But if we look a little back then we notice that there was a large amount of trade began in 1860 between both nations. But just after a few decades a series of wars and confrontations took place between 1880 and 1945. At that time Japan invaded a lot of coastal areas and lands of China.
But after losing in the second world war, Japan takes back its influence from a lot of lands.
Still, after all this, a lot of trade happens between both nations. But sometimes the tensions are also reflected in the trade. For example, Japan took back its many industries from China. They said China is using the zero Covid rule, and it is affecting the business.

In Last

The person who killed Mr. Abe was an Ex-Navy officer. His name was Tetsuya Yamagami. The media says he was dissatisfied with former PM Mr. Abe’s regulation and this dissatisfaction was his reason to PM.
Shinzo Abe was not liked by the people of China. The simple reason was that he was very close to India and Taiwan. Mr. Abe was the main pillar of QUAD. He initiated the QUAD in 2007 that comprises of Australia, India, Japan and USA.


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