Colours: Diversity or Difference?

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First of all Happy Holi to everyone and wish this Holi will add Joy, Happiness, and prosperity to you and your family. We all know that Holi is a festival of Colors, and also we are very well aware of the story that Why we celebrate Holi. We all grew up by hearing the story of Hiranyakashipu. But despite this, that is why we celebrate Holi? Let’s focus on the topic that is the importance of Colors in our Life and what value it can add to our Life?

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Colors have a very close influence on our life. It is a source of pleasure to everyone. Color can control our emotions. It can make us feel good and bad as well. It can reduce or increase our anxiety. And all this makes a clear point of the center that every color has its power of dominion. A sudden increase or decrease in brightness can change the whole purpose of action.

But if a small deflection in darkness or brightness can hit too much then how many possibilities can be created? I mean we try to count the color patterns then what will be the figure? Is it twelve colors? That we use in our school for drawing subject. Obviously not. So according to researchers, the human eye can see about ten million colors. As the report added that there are 1000 shades of light. In those shades, we can see a hundred different levels of red-green shades and also a hundred levels of yellow-blue shades.

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Colors have three different dimensions of classification. Named Hue, Value, and the intensity of the color.

The first dimension is the hue which refers to the actual name of the color. It will define the actual appearance of the color to the mind. And as a matter of fact, it mainly indicates a modern pigment instead of the traditional one. There is a difference between the Hue name and a color name. And Hue’s name shows more clarity than the color name. For example, the hue name of the sky is”Sky Blue” and the color name is”Azure“, similarly the hue name for the fire is “Golden” and the color name is “Flame”.

The second dimension is Value which refers to the lightness or the darkness to the color. As we discussed earlier we have so many colors that have ranging from light to dark or vice-versa. And from that lightest value of color is White and the darkest value is black. In between these extreme values of White and black, there are numbers of values, known as middle or normal values. The light value of one color is called tint and the dark value is shade. If we want to add light value to color then we should add a white color to it and if we want to add dark value then we should have to add black. For example, the tint of red is pink and the shode is Maroon.

The third and last dimension is the intensity which refers to the brightness or the dullness of a color. Mostly the intensity of a color is achieved by mixing it with its complement colors. Intensity influence a lot as the object with the color of full intensity is striking and brilliant and the object with low intensity looks sober and dull. Intensity is identifiable in less space as compared to more space.

This all that we discussed till now signifies that here a lot of variety is present. But the question is whether this variety determines diversity or difference. The difference in the name of religion, clothes, skin, etc. Or shows the beauty of diversity that every color has its own individuality. Being honest the answer is a mindset that how we have prepared our mind towards understanding.

Indian Flag tricolor

Our flag “Tiranga” has three colors and those three colors don’t have any religion or regional concept. But shows a purpose and vision to the world. The top band is of saffron and that shows the strength and the courage of court country, the middle band is a white color that shows the peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. And the third band is of green color that shows the fertility, growth, and auspiciousness of the land.

Everyone has their own favorite color. As mine is yellow. So let’s color our friends and family with our favorite colors and wish them Happy Holi.

Remember we should have to use this variety of color as diversity not difference.


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