Delhi Declaration: India, Pakistan, China, and Afghanistan

“Boycott” is a term that is very popular in Asia in recent years. We all have already witnessed two big boycotts. First was by the people of India against the buying of china goods. And we have seen in India by the china against Delhi Declaration.

What is Delhi Declaration?

Delhi Declaration is a step in the right way for the stability of peace and security for the people of Afghanistan. It also involves that India, Iran, Central Asian countries, along with Russia, can attempt a positive move for Afghanistan. And that move will ensure harmony and safety.

Pakistan and China didn’t join the meeting:

Pakistan openly rejected the invitation of India for the Delhi declaration. But told that there were scheduling issues and that’s why they haven’t joined. And agreed to join a conference in Pakistan on the same issue of Afghanistan.

But there is no loss for India, this all will make a negative impact on both nations in front of the world. In history, no country was able to gather seven countries on a single table for discussing the Afghanistan issue.

The hindrence of Geo-Politics?

This reaction of china and Pakistan removed uncertainty from the mind of India. That China and Pakistan are really aligned against India. This uncertainty was in India was from 2016-17. Now India made it clear that both Pakistan and China are against India.

This also exposed all the routes of its geopolitics of China. And in the future, if India will align with any other country against China then China will have no excuse. As we can see clearly they are not attending meetings in India and trying to block in UN council and Nuclear deal.

Situation of Afghanistan

Afghanistan is suffering from the worst situation and others should have to help. But currently, Indian trucks are ready with wheat for the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan is not reacting to this. Pakistan is neither allowing nor rejecting just kept the file on hold and playing geo-politics.

Impacts and UN Report

More than half of Afghanistan’s population Faces acute hunger. And there the nation has a massive impact of Severe Drought economic crisis, covid-19, and the recent conflicts.

Have severely affected people’s access to food. And a UN report says that about 90-95% population will sleep with an empty stomach this winter. Maybe many will die too. Even after this Pakistan doesn’t keep its geopolitics game side.


Pakistan is not thinking about the people of Afghanistan but just trying to resist India to interfere in the matter. Taliban which is surely established by Pakistan have a full source of control even then they are resisting this much.

India’s Front

But as we all know that the good intentions are always appreciated by the people. India never recognized the Taliban and hasn’t shown any support to it right now, because the there democracy was ended and women’s rights are demolished. And when India is ready to provide wheat and organize meetings on the security of Afghanistan. Then Afghanistan is also supporting India.

Taliban’s view on India

As the Taliban said on the India-led regional meet on Afghanistan in the Delhi declaration was in their better interest. And added that Afghanistan’s land will not use against India or any other country. This was their statement of what will happen, only God knows.


We all know the current situation of Afghanistan and can understand that if Afghanistan doesn’t gain the support of other countries then will definitely suffer famine. Also possible that the people of the country will also join any small terrorist organization. And this definitely will not be good for the whole world.

Taliban’s spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid said that India’s intentions are for the betterment of Afghanistan and the nations meet will decide a good decision for the country. And Taliban previously declared open to receiving Indian diplomats, humanitarian aids.


Now it’s crystal clear that if there will any acute thing will happen in Afghanistan as the indicators are showing then Pakistan and china will be responsible for it. Because they are not helping them and trying to block those countries are ready to help.

The media should take this matter to a world level and try to show who is responsible for this condition of Afghanistan. And have to tell all this Game of Geo-politics.

Delhi Declaration signifies that Afghanistan should be provided with unimpeded aid. This simply means an unstoppable aid that can’t be resisted by anyone. And the current government of Afghanistan should be inclusive, so people from all the regions can join the government and work together for growth. This will also increase the functioning of the Government.

Now we can say that the Delhi Declaration was successful and was better if Pakistan and China also joined it but it doesn’t happen. And it’s India’s responsibility to take this globally that Pakistan and China are trying to impede. And action meant to happen.


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