Delmicron: A new variant after Omicron?

Just a few days back, we all were discussing Omicron, which is a new Variant of the Coronavirus. It was marked as a Variant of Concern. As we discussed in the earlier posts. Now a new name is floating in the air as a new variant of Corona after Omicron. And the Name is Delmicron.

So really is Delmicron a new variant of Corona Virus? OR something else? We will discuss, in this post.

What’s Happening?

The Omicron cases are increasing day by day in many countries like the US and Europe. Now also in India. With this rise in cases a new term “Delmicron ” is getting emerged over the last few days.

Let me make you clear that Delmicron is not any new variant of Corona. But a term to describe the variant of the spike of cases in the west parts.

What is Delmicron?

In Maharastra, Dr. Shashank Jhosi who was a member of Covid-19 task Force quoted a statement by a leading newspaper that Delmicron, the twin spikes of Delta and omicron, in Europe and the US has led to a mini tsunami of cases.

Dr. Shashank Joshi meant that there is a possibility that countries in the west have caught between the spikes of Delta and the Omicron Variant of coronavirus.

This leads to sudden chitchat of Delmicron.


Omicron Variant is highly Contagious, which means it spread at a high rate. In Southern Africa, the first case was detected. According to World Health Organization(WHO), One hundred and six countries have reported omicron Cases.

Delmicron refers to the spike

Now one thing is clear that Delmicron is not a new variant of the virus. But a term used to define a spike when the Covid-19 cases are fuelling with Delta and Omicron strains together.

According to official Data, In the US, Omicron is more Prevailingvariant and accounts for more than 70% of all new cases, up from less than 1% at a beginning of the month.

According to the centers for disease control and prevention has said last month, the delta variant was responsible for more than 99.5% of the covid-19 infection in the US.

Situation is getting Worst

Recently in Texas, a death is reported for the first time due to the omicron variant. In the UK, the situation is getting more worst as more and more cases are coming every day. In the UK, the daily cases of corona surpassed the 100K mark for the first time.

Till now, from the pandemic starts we haven’t seen such a high mark of cases in a single day as now we witnessed the UK mark of 100K.

As preliminary studies in South Africa shows that Omicron is not severe as other variants of the coronavirus.

Can a person have both variants simultaneously?

Might a question come to your mind that Omicron and Delta can present in a single person simultaneously?

Then the Answer is Yes that both the variants can be present simultaneously. This can be possible due to reasons:

  1. If the have a very weak Immunity system then the person might be suffer form both the variants.
  2. A country having low vaccination rate can also face this problem.

Conclusion(Will this lead to a new virus? )

Dr. Paul Burton who is Moderna’s Chief Medical Officer said that it was possible that both the strains can swap genes and trigger a more dangerous Variant.

A Virologist at the University of New South Wales, Peter White also warned about the possibility of a super strain.

According to a South African report, the new variant will certainly target immunocompromised people, and they will harbor both Viruses.

Some other researchers have also warned about such a situation is extremely rare but possible. And if it happened then the conditions might be uncontrollable. Which leads to a dangerous situation.

All the researchers, scientists, virologists highlighted that vaccines are the only solution, to make the upcoming situation controllable. The higher the vaccination rates, the lower will be the effect of the corona.

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