Egoist Vs Egotist: Why is it such a Bad Thing?

Have you ever thought about a friend who keeps boasting about himself? Or the one who feels himself is the best? Well! We used to call him a Person with Big Ego. This article is all about them.

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today, We will talk about “Egoist Vs Egotist: Why is it such a Bad Thing?”

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So, now we have the terminologies, let’s discuss them. We will first go with mere definitions.

Egoist is that person who basically is selfish by nature. The one who has ego, a barrier which makes him/her alone from the world.

Egotist on the other hand is the one who keeps boasting about his/her achievements all day. We can call him/her a Self-centred person.

So, What are the Key Differences?

Starting With Character:

The character of an Egoist is more like a lone wolf. He will do everything on his own. He won’t talk to anyone. He won’t take someone’s help, as it may hurt his ego. Basically he is like a one man army.

The character of an Egotist is more like a Shop owner. Like a shop owner tries to exaggerate the value of products, the same he does with himself. It’s like selling yourself, even though no one’s buying. He is basically like a person demanding appreciation all the time. He is the Boastful One!

Verbal Skills:

Verbal Skills of Egoist will be very dark in nature. It’s like he wants to convey his inner dark feelings to this world. Though an Egoist won’t talk much, but he does, it’s like a volcano eruption. Egoist people have quite good vocabulary, especially for words used in negative talks, or filthy words. Try communicating with them. All you will receive is- Sorry/Thank You (Get lost).

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Coming to the Egotist, He will surely be a talkative person. Obviously, he will be talking about him and his achievements only. He knows how to change tracks and topics of conversations. He is kind of an over talkative one, whose words don’t have any value in other people’s lives. Egotists may or may not have a good vocabulary, but their words don’t carry any value as they keep repeating themselves.

The Symptoms:

Whenever you feel that something is stranger with a guy and you want to know whether he’s an Egoist or Egotist, then look out for Following- His eye contact with people, Communicating Language, any Secrets.

These things will surely let you know about the guy.

The Reason why I am posting this Article?

Well! After a lot of Discussion with Akash, we thought of giving it a try. This is because, this article not only differentiates between the two, but also teaches us to analyse us. Are we among any of these categories? If yes, then in which one? Though it looks bad to really give an answer, this will surely help us to recover from the Ego problem we all have.

You know a story– There was an island where all the feelings lived. Once there was a very tough storm out there and all the feelings decided to move somewhere else. The feeling of “Enthusiasm” led the feelings to make a boat. The Feeling of “Ego” didn’t help anything. Now, when the boat was ready, all feelings started jumping in the boat.

The feeling of “Happiness” was really happy and “Motivation” too as he motivated all and so was everyone else. “Love” was lovable and used to cheer everyone. All feelings climbed to the boat but two- Love and Ego. Love insisted Ego come with them. He requested him, but Ego didn’t listen. But, Suddenly the Storm hit and all other feelings sailed the boat. Only Two feelings died- Love & Ego.

Love died because of Ego.

And this is true in Today’s world. We tend to keep our Ego in front of Happiness, Love, etc. We keep feeding the Ego till it starts digesting other feelings.

So, that’s why I came up with this article. Don’t let your Ego ruin you and your relationships.

Bottom Line:

Everyone in this world is either one of them. I am not saying fully, but yes partially. Some people carry their ego with them their whole life. While, some people try to get other’s attention. You may not realise, but you also should have done this at some point of time. But, don’t be tense. Just try being a nicer guy now onwards. Enjoy a happy life.

So, don’t be worried and keep enjoying. Kindly Comment for any Suggestions and Demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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