Girl in a lost Library: 15, December 2019

15, December 2019 when the national capital was under the horrifying environment of protest. Aaisha, a 20 years old girl, was studying in her college Library. Most of the students were on their way home as the winter holiday was started. But Aaisha didn’t because was preparing for the National Entrance Test Exam and want to use the silence and the books of the College library.

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Aaisha is a brilliant-minded girl and has a great academic record. She took admission to India’s one of the best Universities, which was in Delhi. She belongs to a middle-class family, her father operates a small business.

It was Sunday, talking about the same day of 15, December 2019. She was studying in the library, the time was around 5:30 in the evening. She received a text message on her phone. She checked it, it was from Kabir. Kabir is Aaisha’s boyfriend, he is also a 20 years old good-looking guy, he also good at studies. He is from a different university, they both love each other. Kabir popped a message “Have you done with your last topic of thermodynamics ? “. She just pastes a sticky note at her last read on the book and opens his message and

Aaisha replied, “yes, I am done with that”.

Kabir replied “It means you did not take afternoon food today. Am I right?”

Aaisha smiled and replied “Yes “

Kabir “So take a break and have a blow Maggie from canteen “

Aaisha “Not now let me complete one more chapter, just 4 or 5 pages are left.”

Kabir ” okay dear “.

The time was 6:15 PM, there was a sound of bullet fire and screaming of the crowd. Aaisha noticed it, she text to Kabir that “I have noticed something, it was horrible.” and went to check it out. But just when she stood up from her chair, about 12 or 15 police officers came inside the library. They are abusing all who were present in the library. They have a hard stick in their hands. There were helmets and jackets. All cops were broking glass of windows and library chairs. Aaisha had never seen such a horrible view in her life.

Kabir also got panic and he sent too many texts to her like “What happened?”,” What had you seen?”, “Is everything okay there?”. Then she picked her phone and called a number from her recent call log, it was Kabir’s contact number. The bell rang and Kabir picks the phone, she shouts “SAVE ME” and a cop saw her and hit his stick on Aaisha’s hand, her phone fall on the floor and broke. After that, the eyes of the cop were full of bitterness and red with anger. He strongly hit the rod on her head. And with that hit, she lay down on the floor. 

Aaisha was ended with save me, which was horrible for Kabir. He gets that something bad was done there. He picked the first bus for the campus and tried many call on her number but there was no reply. Kabir got sucked. Every second he spent on the bus was like hell. The bus dropped him about half a Kilometer away from the campus, because of too much crowd due to protest.

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He reached the campus gate and somehow he entered inside the campus. He went directly to the library where she was last time on the text. When he went there he saw her on the stretcher. Her white suit is now red with blood. His eyes filled with tears. He introduces himself as her family member. He took her to the Ambulance and admit her to the nearest hospital with the college faculty. He also informed her parents about this incident.

There was not too much difference between the Kabir’s home and the campus. 

In about half-hour, Aaisha’s parents also reached the hospital. They saw their angel was fighting for her life, begging for breath. Her father was shocked as even he doesn’t move for few minutes, her mother’s tear was unstoppable like a river. Kabir was still unable to recognize that what the hell had happened? She was just talking to him for just a couple of hours.  Everything about her was moving like a picture movie in their mind, her dreams, smile, laugh, and every emotion. 

The Doctor came outside from the room in which she was admitted. Kabir asked about Aaisha. The doctor replied that she is out of danger but she is still sensitive. Her normalcy will take about six or eight months. 

She will be normal in six or eight months? Not at all. May be will get normal physically but will not mentally. Just imagine this situation and ask a question that will she again live her life as she was living earlier? Will, she saw that dream again? 

Maybe the story is looking endless but the continuation of this is only the struggle in their mind of her which will she going to face in her life. This story is not based on someone’s life, totally imaginary but the plot and the incident are real. Many students were injured and some majorly on 15 December 2019, in a college in Delhi. And still, true judgment is missing.

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    It’s amazing n the reality of this story remined me of that incident keep it up. ❤️👌

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