How to Overcome Potential Stress in Today’s Youth?

Hey! Remember the last post of Stress in Today’s Youth? So, here I am back with the Solutions to it.

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today, we will be discussing “How to Overcome Potential Stress in Today’s Youth?

So, yes! Now the Solutions. We all have problems, don’t we? We all have different issues with life. But, our issues are all different. But, if we talk about students and youths today, they generally have the same problems. So, here we will cover all the solutions for their problems.


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Take the name of Studies, and problems start. Whether it is Lack of Concentration or motivation. Whether it is less marks or more competition, students are always worried. So, how to overcome it? You can overcome each of your problems by-

  1. Creating a list of Problems you have.
  2. Rate your problems on the basis of importance.
  3. And then finding the solutions to it.

Lack of Concentration:

Most youth today are not having proper concentration. Either they get disturbed or distracted, a proper work routine is unable to get established. So, in order to stay focused and concentrated, one solution is to get relaxed.

Take proper sleep and start doing Meditation. Proper sleep will give enough relaxation to the body for optimal functioning. Meditation may help in Feeling happy and enthusiastic all day.

You can always Exercise or do Yoga to remove toxins from the body. These all will keep the negativity out of your body leading to proper functioning and hence increased concentration.

Lack of Motivation:

Motivation is an important factor to work effectively and efficiently. You may find many Motivational sources like Listening songs, Watching Videos, Listening to Speakers to name a few. You can find all about motivation here.

More Competition:

Competition is increasing day by day. And no doubt, the cutoff marks are also increasing which is a sign of a problem in youths today. There is no Solution to this problem except to prepare well.

No doubt that the marks are high, but if you have what it takes to be a winner, don’t be worried.


Health is obviously among the most important things. You all need to keep a note of your health all the time. Good health ensures proper mental functioning. So, hence it is important to take time out for your body as well.

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As already told, Yoga will help with this. Another option that may help in this is to have a healthy diet. Eating proper food and trying to stay hydrated will help. Your food decides your nature, so eat fresh food to stay fresh.

Peer Pressure:

To avoid Peer Pressure is to learn patience and determination. No one can make you do anything till the time you feel the urge. To control this urge- patience, determination and will power is the key.

Also, try to take a stand sometimes. If your friends eat Non vegetarian food, it doesn’t mean you should also. You can eat if you want to, not just to show them. If they all are going on group trips, it doesn’t mean you also have to go. You can go if you want to go, and your family permits.

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Many times subjects for peer pressure are far more difficult and dangerous as it looks, so try consulting your parents for the same. And don’t feel bad about this. Sometimes people will laugh at you, let them do it.

Take a stand and sometimes laugh with them too, which will let them think you enjoy this. They will stop doing this to you. So, to avoid Peer Pressure is to listen with Patience, Stand with Will Power and Laugh with Enjoyment.


A healthy relationship can also sometimes turn into a bad one. It is like making Tea. More sugar, the sweeter it is. So, try to give time to your relationships, but don’t let them control you.

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Though I am no expert in this field, yes follow your instincts and do the best you can. It will take some time for the problem to go away, but in the end everyone will be happy.

So, Let the Stress go away.

Social Media:

We can relate Social Media with Peer pressure as well. As they both are somewhat related. They both keep pressing you, but you know the drill as stated above.

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Social Talks have always been done to lower someone’s status. It’s always like this. So, don’t worry about how the people feel or say. In the end, if you achieve something, everyone will be good to you.

Bottom Line:

Though this article is about the Solution to Problems, it is a maze. Problems and Solutions will keep fluctuating, but we have to be constant with Optimistic Thinking. I know that you have it in you. Let the World know.

So, next time you want your stress to go away, feel free to visit us. Kindly comment for any suggestions and demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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