Invasion Not War

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Three days of the Russian invasion are done and it looks clear that Putin achieving his objective till now. In these three days of the invasion in Ukraine, many aspects got concern in the whole world. We will discuss all the factors that happened till now.

Three days of Invasion

Difference between invasion and war

The first thing that I wanted to highlight initially is that the term used to define the whole scenario should be invasion, not war. As war refers to a battle between two countries to a state of armed conflict between different countries instead an invasion refers to an instance of raiding a country or region with an armed force. The thing happening in Ukraine is invasion, not war.

It was important to clear this difference. Because Putin & his tool media are trying to manipulate Russians and making them believe that Ukraine had attacked them.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s stand on war

When the Russian was about to start its invasion, the president of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed his country and also Russians in their language. And made it clear that Ukraine has no enmity with Russia and Putin is trying to manipulate his country. The President of Ukraine also added that Ukrainians and the army are working in its defense. They want peace and there has been no provocation from them.

russia invasion russia vs ukraine humanitarian

First two days of war

On the first and the second day, about 135 Ukrainians have lost their lives. More than 80,000 people of Ukraine had to evacuate their homes and many of them are leaving their country. In the south and east region, the Russian forces have been invaded successfully. According to the Defence Ministry of Ukraine, more than thirty Russian tanks had been destroyed, along with seven Russian aircraft and six helicopters.

Martial law has been imposed in Ukraine. Now there are restrictions on the movement of people and political parties are banned temporarily. And now the control is under the Ukrainian army instead of the police. Now any man whose age is between 18 and 60 can’t leave the country and will have to prepare for the fight. The population is provided with assault rifles to protect themselves. And can stand for themselves.

After the South and East region Russian armed forces entered the capital of Ukraine Kyiv.

On the third day

On the third day, the Ukraine Health ministry informed that 198 Ukrainian and this number contains three children. Till now(26th February) the Russian soldiers are densely present in the region of the south near Crimea, northwest near the border of Belarus, and close to Kharkiv. Blood is on the street of Kyiv.

The focus in the capital in the region around Victory Avenue that is west of Ukraine’s parliament. Serious fighting has been noted at the Hostomel Airfield(Northwest part of Kyiv).

Also on the third day, news related to deaths, missiles, invaded regions, attacks, etc. were poping every minute. That indicates that the scenario is getting more worst.

World on Russia

In this case of invasion, the whole world has two options of actions first one is a Hot war and the second is imposing sanctions. But today now no one wants to battle. If the hot war happens and any country interferes in this invasion then it will definitely lead to world war. No country wants war because it will gain nothing but lose many lives. So, the government of different countries is imposing sanctions and trying to hit Russia economically.

It’s true that NATO is deployed troops but not on Ukraine because Ukraine is not a part of it. 5,000 troops are deployed to Poland, around 4,000 can be sent to countries like Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. NATO can’t interfere right now because Ukraine is not a part of it. But it’s also true that NATO did not provide military to Ukraine but helped it in many ways. By providing weapons and helping them financially too.

Also, the countries are imposing sanctions on Russia and trying to isolate it. This makes sense that they can’t hit Russia directly but can attack their money. Countries like the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, the UK, and many more countries had declared economic sanctions against Russia. The Uk has sanctioned five Russian banks and US also condemned that. Germany has stopped the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

There is a famous hacker group called”Anonymus Hacker Group” had declared a cyberwar against Russia. They had shut down many Russian government websites and Media houses including Russian Propaganda station RT News.

But we all know that these sanctions will affect Russia, but also affect that country and the whole world too. These sanctions are important as a prospect of action. But it looks like Russia is ready to bear the loss. Let’s see what will happen.

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