Justifications of the Ukraine Invasion

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Every powerful country has some controversial regions of claim around it. Some countries treat that region as an independent country, as India looks towards Pakistan. But some do totally opposite and work to unite the region again, as Russia did in 2014 with Crimea and doing with Ukraine right now. Putin is the man who works in this way as he has this belief in his mind that once Russia, Crimea, Belarus, and Ukraine were together, and should be again, which resulted in the Ukraine invasion.

Idealogy of Putin

I had already pointed out in a previous article that Putin is one of those people who are obsessed with the break out of the Soviet Union. He and some people around him saw the collapse of the Soviet Union. So they believe that the glory of the Soviet Union is absent in today’s world. And they want it to be reunited. Putin desires to bring that golden period of the USSR back.

Looks Similar to Hitler

This ideology of Putin looks similar to Hitler. That man worked to restore the glory of Germany by expanding it to its previous regions. And all the actions we are pointing out in the Ukraine Invasion look similar to Hitler’s work.

I mentioned in the earlier articles that In July 2021 Vladimir Putin wrote an article about the unity of Ukraine and Russia by targeting history. In his article, he claimed that Russia and Ukraine are one nation. Also. expressed that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a disintegration of Historical Russia and that was a wrong step. Now in Ukraine, there are some leaders who are running some anti-Russian projects. And in order to protect Russia, he should attack Ukraine.

Russia is attacking in self Defence

So according to Putin, this attack was for self-defense. Just because Putin believes Ukraine’s leaders run anti-Russian projects. When Zelenskiy appeals for peace, Putin justifies that the UN charter’s Article 51 provides the right to self-defense. Putin states that Ukraine will attack Russia. So he would attack it first as a primitive.

Putin announced that Ukraine is becoming a place where Neo-Nazis are increasing. No one is hiding anything and in International Community Putin is announcing that he hadn’t done anything wrong, and he didn’t violate any rule. Just protected themselves(Russia) by obeying International law.

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NATO is the main reason of Ukraine invasion

One main reason Russia claims that Ukraine’s leaders want to make Ukraine an American puppet. They want to make Ukraine a part of NATO to get an American and European Influence. But the people of Ukraine don’t want this. The people of Ukraine want to be a part of Russia. On a TV announcement, Putin said that the people’s Republic of Donbas approached Russia with a request for help. That’s why the military of Russia is going to protect the Ukrainian people, claiming this operation to demilitarize Ukraine. That’s how Putin is justifying the Ukraine Invasion. But what the truth is we all know and witness the conflict on our own.

Is Blaming NATO Right?

As we observed that Russia is targeting NATO every time for this war. NATO is a defending alliance, not an aggressive one. But Russia points out that the USA always approaches an aggressive style of working and now it’s at Russia’s door. If NATO was formed with the objective of countering aggressive decisions of the USSR. And in 1991 when the Soviet Union break out, why NATO continued to enhance its influence.

But in going deep let’s look toward the demand of Putin. And where will the war finish?

Demands of Putin

First and the well-known demand Putin is that Ukraine will never join NATO. The second and illogical demand is that NATO removes its forces and military infrastructure from member states that joined the alliance post-1997. The third demand is that NATO will not deploy “Strike Weapons near Russia’s border”, Which means that there will not weapons from central Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Baltics towards Russia.

UN Slams Putin

The resolution summoned that Russia immediately terminates its use of force against Ukraine and abstain from any future unlawful peril or use of force against any UN fellow state. The resolution also condemns the February 24 statement by Russia of a “Special military operation” in Ukraine, insisting that Moscow “immediately, completely, and unconditionally” withdraw all of its military forces from the region of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders.

So if Putin follows this up then he can win but for this, he has to control his ego. All he has to do is put the agreement in front of Ukraine that it will not join NATO, and if Ukraine does this, then Russia will go back. But Putin will not do this because this is not his working style, now he will take the whole of Ukraine.

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