During Second Covid wave no deaths reported due to lack of oxygen ?

In written the heath ministry of India responded ,that there is no death is reported by any state due to specifically lack of oxygen during the second covid wave of covid-19 , in Rajya sabha .

On Tuesday ,the central government said that during the second wave of Covid-19 no states or UT reported deaths of covid patients due to specifically lack of oxygen.

Second covid wave
lack of oxygen

In Rajya Sabha Congress MP KC Venugopal asked the question on oxygen , and in the response of it the above statement was given by center in written form. Venugopal asked the center that is this a due to the lack of oxygen a giant number of covid-19 patients died on roads and hospital during the second wave. He also the government asked for a report as response related to the total demand of oxygen by the states ,supplied to the states during the last three months.

The congress MP also wrote that there is prediction by the experts that there will be more covid-19 patients during the third covid wave , so the center have to ensure that there will no oxygen shortage of oxygen will occur again in the country. In counter the health minster said that health is a state subject and reporting the count of covid-19 cases and death on the regular basis is state’s responsibility .

The health minster also added that in the first wave the requirement of oxygen was 3,095 metric tons which would become nearly 9,000 metric tons during second covid wave. The center held the states responsible in the reporting of data on covid cases and deaths.

Union Health minster Mansukh Mandaviya said that our job is to compile and publish the data sent by the state governments. There is no meaning in saying that we told anyone to show less number of positive cases and deaths. There is no reason for this.

In the response of the statement given by center government the venugopal said,’ ‘I am surprised with the statement of no death is reported due to lack of oxygen”.

Mallikarjun Kharge the opposition leader in Rajya Sabha said “We all known that a large number of patients had died because due to lack of oxygen , hospitals refused to admit patients. If that say that like of statement then it’s a first government that neither listens to nor sees. people should teach them a lesson.”

States joins center:

Recently the several states had join the statement that there in no death due to the shortage of oxygen.

After the statement of Center in Rajya Sabha, on there is no death reported due to lack oxygen during second wave , the health ministers of many states and UT had also claimed that there is no death due to lack of oxygen. This are not only BJP ruled states but also many opposition ruled states.

The states and UT who joined the statement:

Gujarat, Maharashtra ,Bihar, Tamil Nadu , Madhya Pradesh, Goa, Delhi, Chhattisgarh.

Opposition Stand on this :

Attacking the central Government , the congress leader tweeted ,by highlighting the tweet of Press Trust of India on there is no death reported by the states and UT due to lack of oxygen, “Apart from the shortage of medical oxygen, there is also shortage of sensitivity and truth. The shortage existed back then and continues”.

India’s former finance minister P chidambaram said,” The central government had mastered the art of handling the happens with the bluff and bluster . First ,it was related to no shortage of vaccine and Now just a day before , Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar claimed the lack of vaccine. Here also the same story applied.”

He also added the thing of highlight is not “no deaths ” , it is about “No reports of deaths “, by tweeting in his own words.

In the reply of congress’s hitting, BJP spokesperson Sambit patra said there are three thing to look into about the statement given by the government in parliament.

First that “The government has pointed pointed out that health is a state subject . And it also mentioned that center just collect all data given by the states and UT , it don’t generate it. “

second that “Rahul Gandhi and Aam Aadmi Party are playing politics over covid-19. The health ministry of different states has replied in different terms that health is a state subject”.

Third that” As the shiv sena leader Sanjay Raut said that he is shocked to hear the center statement but the Maharashtra government said in there affidavit that there is no death due to shortage of oxygen in the state, in the court.

He also added Chhattisgarh Health minister TS Singh Dev has said that there was no death due to shortage of oxygen in his state.

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