Taliban’s Aim and how it affected the living of Afghans?

A nation is totally meant to its people that indicates the living of its people is the living of the Country. But how will be the living if the country leader is a terrorist? Absolutely then the living will become horrible and worst. The Same is going in Afghanistan, where the whole nation of about 3.08 population is under the terror of the Taliban.


In the previous article, I have discussed with you, who are these Taliban and how they rise? But one more noticeable point is there about the Taliban that what is their aim and why they are doing this? Because nothing is unreasonable.


What is the aim of the Taliban?

As much I read about the history of the Taliban and saw their videos, I found that they claim themselves the savior of Islam and they introduce them as they are protecting the rights of Muslims in the World. As we can see in the 9/11 America attack, in which the leader of Al Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, reasoned the attack in a letter as revenge against America because it was providing the Islamic rights to the Muslims.

They are in a deafening myth as they think they are the savior of Islam.

Why are they doing this?

Assume a condition that in your childhood if I teach you that two plus(add) two is seven and will continue to teach you like this, then you will believe that two plus two is seven instead of four. And will ignore everyone and in extension, I will teach you violence for if someone says four then kill him/her and also glue it with religion and god then you can imagine how worst it will going to be.

Exactly the something is going with the Taliban when Mullah Omar started this group then he picked 50 students and he made their mentality with hate, violence, and false belief. It’s still happening in every country and in many ways.

Is the Taliban really changed?

When the Taliban captured Kabul and on 16th August it said in a video that today Taliban is different from 2001 and will provide women their rights, even they can go to work and the restrictions will be reduced. The media can criticize them and can ask questions. The Taliban also claimed that there is no reason to hate them and the people of Afghan will also accept them and love them in the future.

These claims make a hope or can say they pop a question in mind that are they really changed? But the reality is far away from these claims.

Taliban in Afghans

What’s the reality?

When the things come into reality then the claims made by the Taliban look Volatile. The Taliban has cleared that there will be no democracy in Afghan and the Sharia Law will continue. They are talking about Women’s rights but it’s on the view they how it will be done with sharia law.

They said that the media can ask but the Taliban recently killed a Comedian. They claim that anyone can criticize them but when a group protests having the Afghanistan flag in their hand then they use fire.

All these actions done by the Taliban made their claims baseless and a footage collecting act. The living of the people is in danger.

Living of the people:

When we say the country is in danger then indirectly we are saying the living of that country is in the danger. We are watching and reading news related to Afghanistan every day. And noticing the effects done by them and feeling the coldness of the Taliban on the Afghan people.

The dark rule of 1996-2001 is still alive in people’s minds. They enforced the sharia law ruthlessly. Now according to the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees, about a quarter of a million Afghans were forced to flee till the end of May, And from this data, 80% were women and children.

Run Away

When the Airplane incident happened in which some Afghans also loaded on the body of America rescue Plane and when the plane was in the sky, they fall down the data of death is not clear. From them, one death count was off a national-level football player. Why on that airport almost all were men? Where were the women? This can be understood as the situation is in such a worst position in which everyone wants to leave and they ignore their family and relatives.

Why women aren’t safe there?

As everyone witnessed the terror of the Taliban on women in history. They executed women in many ways it can be anything like hitting stone on them, forcing women to cover them full-body, not allowing them to go Outside with any man’s company, and don’t allow them to study.

More Afghan women and children were killed as compared to the period of the last ten years. It was noticed that more Afghan girls were attending schools and more women are joining work in public sectors, which indicates that the life of people of Afghanistan especially women and children are improving. The literacy rate rose from less than 17% in 2000 to 30% in 2018.

In the press, the Taliban said that this time they will include women’s rights but this all looks like an attempt to win international legitimacy. We all are totally aware to the past of the Taliban. And all these claims and attempts from the Taliban are undigestable.

Recently the Taliban announced that at least one woman in every house will have to marry a Taliban Fighter. And From every house, at least one male has to join the Taliban. These both make a sense of cruelty and forceful behavior.

It can be concluded that the living of Afghan people is totally changed or can say changed to worst and still there is more to come for Afghanistan.

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