Limit break of Words and Protest


Our parents and teachers always teach us to limit our words. We should also consider that if we are saying something then how it will affect society. Any statement in India that may be a crime in the constitution’s vision will be decided by the court. No one can decide it other than court. In this article, we will discuss the infringement of words and protest based on Nupur Sharma’s statement

What happened?

On the 26th of may, Nupur Sharma former spokesperson of BJP was invited to the prime time debate of Times Now at 9 PM. In that debate, Nupur Sharma commented on Prophet Muhammed and targeted the age of Aisha & Quran. After that Nupur suspends from BJP for her comments about Prophet.

On that same day, Nupur Sharma does the same thing on News 24 at 5pm, and then she was muted by the channel, then after she left the show. Then at 7pm on Republic Bharat, she does the same thing and commented on Islam.

nupur sharma statement violence

Words to Violence

Words of Nupur dispersed on social media like fire. She started getting rape and death threats. Then Delhi Police provided protection to her and her family. As the video of Nupur Sharma’s statement got viral many areas witnessed violence.

On 3rd June, just after one week of the statement, Kanpur witnessed violence. The violence was created by the local Muslims. Their objective was Nupur’s arrest. In the violence, locals hurl stones toward the police. According to the police, at least 20 police officers and 40 rioters were injured. Kanpur police arrested three people who are connected with a Muslim organization popular front of India.

After 3rd June when arrest doesn’t happen then this moved to 10th June for other regions of the Country. The protest started in Delhi.

10th June Violence

In Islam, Friday is considered the day of prayer. But on 10th June which was Friday, some Muslims did all the things that will not like by their god.

In Delhi

In Delhi after Friday’s prayer, around 1500 Muslims gathered around Jama masjid, and about 300 started protesting against Nupur Sharma. But that protest doesn’t involve any violence, but the protest doesn’t have any permission. So the police took control and now have the legal procedure.

Unlike Delhi, many regions like Prayagraj, Hawada, Ranchi, and more, face high-level violence by Muslims. In many regions, there were heavy struggles happened between the rioters and police.

In Ranchi

In Ranchi, initially, the protest was peaceful but after some time a part of it get violent. Few protesters started stone-pelting, then the situation started getting worse. So, the police started an open fire as the situation got out of control. The rioters did violence at a massive level. Two rioters died and 18 are injured. Senior Superintendent of Police Surender Kumar Jha severe many injuries.

Other Regions

Like Ranchi and Kanpur, Violence happened in Pragraj and Saharanpur. Similarly, on 10th June after Friday’s prayer, people pelted stones at the police.

In Prayagraj, a crowd set some motorcycles and carts on fire and that crowd also tried to ablaze a police vehicle. UP police used tear gas and lathis to disperse the crowd. In the struggle between the police and rioters, one police officer got heavily injured. According to media reports, stone-pelting continued for more than fifteen minutes.

In Saharanpur, the protester demanded a death sentence from the court and also shouted slogans against Nupur Sharma.

Not only in Prayagraj, Kanpur, Delhi, Saharanpur, and Lucknow, but protests also happened in Hawada, Moradabad, Rampur, and Bijnor. Till now UP has arrested 227 rioters from different districts. Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi warned those who created an atmosphere of violence.

Region No. of rioters or protesters arrested
Hathras 50

In Last

According to the police and many media reports, the big part of rioters belongs to the age range of 15 to 25. Those who took stones in there and pelted them at the police have ruined their life. Now it’s the Government’s turn to set an example that creating violence in any matter leads to a massive punishment.

Not any TV debate or social media comment is greater than unity, sovereignty, law, court, and the constitution. If someone gets hurt by anyone’s comment then they don’t have any right to create violence and hooliganism, either they belong to any party, institution, or religion. If they do then all will get punished. I appeal to all the state governments of the affected areas that they should take strict action against all the rioters and set an example for the future that no one will do this again.

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