Our Lord Ram: A Person of Perfection

If I say close your eyes and imagine Lord Ram then What will your mind create? If I am right a person has a tall, lean and muscular body, carrying a bow on now arm and a bunch of arrows on the other, wearing saffron angvastram(cloths). And apart from these a beautiful smile on his face. He is the ideal of trueness, humbleness, respect, and most importantly a person who chooses fight or war as a last option.

When I was a Kid my elder brother used to say that Ram was not a God he was also a normal person like us but he has a difference in his behavior, qualities, and way of action than others.

We all love Lord Ram not because he is a god but for a reason that he sets a perfect example of a good Student, son, husband, and brother. But the question is, are we following lord Ram’s part of being a good student, son, or anything that proves to be a human relationship.

Ram was not strong because of his arrows but because he has strong determination and had bravery in the face of Adversity. We all know that he used his mind and kindness before any action. He only uses his power as a last option.

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Ramayana is earlier than fifth century according to many historians. And For being old to this extent the Ramayana has many versions. Every version has its own subplots and has thousands of different features. And all versions and features are true on their own as the only truth that exists in this world is truth has many faces.

There is a chaupai in the Ramayan in which lord Shiva said to Mata Parvati which he explains Ram’s essence

binu pag chalai sunai binu kana.

kar binu karm karai vidhi nana.

anan rahit sakal ras bhogi.

binu vani vakta bad jogi.


The previous Chaupai means that God walks without feet, hears without ears, functions without hands, tastes all six senses without sensing with tongue, and talks without a voice but is a great orator.

When Ram’s father ordered him for Vanvas then Ram didn’t even ask a question regarding. Why his father is doing this with him? Not with anyone else. Ans he just agreed. Because he knows all the circumstances. For his father, Ram said yes for Vanvas.

There are many places that are in Ramayana and they still exist with the same holiness. If I pike one example of those places then it will be Chitrakoot,(a town in Madhya Pradesh). It was believed and also mentioned in Valmiki’s Ramayana that Chitrakoot Ram, Sita, and Lakshman spent about eleven years of Vanvas. There is a region called Bharat Milap where the people believe that Bharat(Ram’s Brother) came to meet Ram and requested him to come back home. But Lord Ram refused because he went back then he have to break his father’s promise and Ram was not of that kind.

All the things we have discussed till now are the facts that Ram was a great man and he knows very well what are the limits of a relationship. But there is one that makes a dark question on Ram that Did Ram commit a Mistake by exiling Sita? So to understand the answer to this complex question is more complex because this overs a region of Dharma. Each character of Ramayana followed a standard of Dharma. And maybe this understanding is next to impossible by today’s modern materialistic people.

The rules of Dharma are very unpretentious and everyone follow them. Those who can understand it will definitely criticize Lord Ram. But it’s important to understand that the Dharma of a leader is more important than the dharma of a husband. And we all know that higher Dharma should be pursued. But there is no doubt that Lord Ram and Sita are permanently connected to each other. Their separation and reunion are just a divine Leela.

In last I will finalize the article with the words that Ram Raj will not come by saying and aggression. But it will definitely come if we empire Ram’s qualities in our Minds and Heart. And pray”Siya Ram”.

Don’t keep yourself down for injustice,

Respect everyone,

Always help the poor,

Because you have a Ram in yourself.



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