Pegasus: A modern Internet criminal.

In today’s world where everyone has many secrets and personal information in their smartphone related to their personal life and accounts. In this growing world, everything is growing not only the humans and the nation but also the spyware and strategies to look into someone else.

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What if I say someone can hack your smartphone not by sending any link and you click it then your phone will hack but in a way as someone will call (even you don’t answer)or even send a message on your WhatsApp and this is enough to hack your smartphone.

Yes in today’s article we are going to see all about this Pegasus.

What is Pegasus?

The Pegasus word is derived from Greek Mythology. Yes, similar to the fairy tale. Wings on a Mythological horse can be given for Pegasus. But in today’s world Pegasus is spyware. Spyware is destructive viruses that secretly enter our smartphones and computers and provide data to another person.


With this Pegasus spyware, they can have access to your camera, they can record video, they can read your message of any messengers, they can see your photos. They can do anything they want and you didn’t even get that something is happening with your phone.

Basically, the spyware is meant to spy on someone and Pegasus is eligible to that extent.

How it get enter in our phone ?

Earlier, all the spyware came when someone send a link on WhatsApp and we do click on it. But nowadays the technology is Improved and it can simply infect our phone by just sending a message and with a call even when you didn’t answer to it. The thing they want is just your number. And after when they infect the system they can control everything or can say virtually anything. They get access to your all password, photos, can monitor calls, access your location, microphone to record any conversation, and can see anything on your phone. And It can affect both iOS and androids.

From Where it came from ?

Pegasus is created by an Israeli company, named NSO. And the full form is based on the name of the three founders of the company.

How we can save our Data from Pegasus ?

Why such a software is created?

The most hitting question on my mind is why Pegasus is created? It is claimed by the NSO that the Pegasus is created, so the Government Intelligence and the Law Enforcement Agencies can use it to decrease crime and with this spyware, we can minimize terrorism. For example, Recently the Mexican government had supported the Pegasus spyware as they used it to arrest an EI chappo who is a drug lord.

Example of use.

According to them is brilliant spyware. We can make the entire world a better place for the entire living dots. This is really like a white wings horse from heaven to make the world better by destroying the crime.

But is this enough from the Mexican government’s side? Absolutely Not. Let me introduce you all to the second face of the Mexican government on spyware.

Recently this leak was found on a Mexican journalist, Coincidently who exposed the corruption scam of its government. After a few days, he was murdered. Not only in this country, but a similar case was also found in Washington alleged by Saudi Arabia Government? According to the reports, the spyware was installed on the mobile phone of his wife.

The smartphone of the chief of Amazon, Jeff Bezos was hacked with this same spyware by a Saudi Arabian prince. And after this case this gets bold.

What the Reports says?

It was reviled in a report by a France Based NGO, Forbidden stories. That they are technically supported by the Amnesty International team. They had released a list of 50,000 cell phone numbers. According to them some of them are spied and some are on target to be spied on in the future.

Who are in the list ?

The list contains the contact numbers of 80 Journalists, 17 media organizations that are present in 10 different countries.

Forbidden Stories found clients of NSO company in11 countries. And the Countries are Azerbaijan, Rwanda, the United Arab Emirates, India, Morocco, Mexico, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Togo, and Hungary.

Out of 50,000 numbers, about 1000 have been found and now they are under forensic examination.

Pegasus in India

The list of contracts issued by the Forbidden stories contains the names of 300 Indians who are under spied between the years 2017 to 2019. Remember that what was happened in that period or I can say a lot happened in this period.

As the name list mostly contains the names of journalists, academics, lawyers, politicians, and government officials. But not only these and I can say every pillar of Democracy are tried to spy as the names of judges of the Supreme Court and the Head of States of countries are also in the list.

Some major names in list:

If I highlight the exact names then there are the names of Rahul Gandhi and two of his close advisors Who were discussing the strategies of general elections in 2019. And Rahul Gandhi openly claimed that his phone was hacked and the spyware is found in his phone.

The second bold name is Prashant Kishor who is a strategist of the election. Coincidently he leave BJP in 2018 and said he will not decide strategies for BJP in the 2019 election. He said that he had changed his phone five times because he guessed that his phone is spied.

The third name in the list is of our former Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa who said that in the 2019 general election PM Modi and Amit Shah had violated the code of conduct.

Forth name is of a freelancer journalist Rohini Singh who covered the story of jay shah, in which is pointed out that how jay shah’s company had increased by 16,000 times within a year.

There are many more names in the count like Swati Chaturvedi, who wrote a book IT cell, Former Editor of Indian Express Sushant Singh, And India Today journalist Sandeep, Who was covering the Rafale controversy in detail.

There is also one more bold name which wants to take into count is a staff member of the Supreme Court, who was not giving clean chit to Rafael deal, after a case filed against him on sexual harassment, he gave a clean chit to it how coincident is this too.

Spyware which was created to spy on criminals and terrorists is now being used to spy on opposition politicians, journalists, activists, former Supreme Court judges, and even the Election Commissioner and the staff member of the Supreme Court.

Action on Pegasus ?

In many countries like Algeria, France, Hungary, and even Israel, Governments are taking action against this spyware and starting investigations. But here in India, the Godi media and government are saying that is just fake international propaganda to affect the growth of India, and everything is good. The government has not initiated any kind of investigation yet. The Modi supporters on social media are calming that the foreign organizations are coming together to prevent India’s growth because the release of the expose was scheduled just before the Parliament session began in India. It’s done so that the central government couldn’t work properly.

This expose involves not only involves India or a few countries but many countries. So many countries have already begun investigations. Are those countries are stupid as they take this seriously to much extent.

How we can save our Data from Pegasus ?

To protect our data and information from Pegasus level hacking almost next to Impossible. The can thing we can do is that to share your contact number to a minimum number of people or to only close ones. But this is really almost impossible.

And can use VPNs, the only thing possible as it changes our phone’s location.

So that’s it for today. Will meet at the next one.

Jai Hind.

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