Pm Kisan Samman Yojna lack crores:9th Installment

Pm Kisan Samman Yojna includes the financial assistance of 6000 rupees to the farmers of specific criteria. This Scheme includes a number of farmers who can take benefit of it, but the noticeable part is that all the farmers who come under this scheme, are taking benefit of it or not?

But as always the thing Government said was different and the thing government doing is different.

In this article, we are going to talk about what the Pm Kisan Samman Yojna means, what was its ambitions and how it doing right now?

What is Pm Kisan Samman Yojna?

Under Pm Kissan Samman Yojna, Government is to provide 6000 rupees as financial assistance to the eligible beneficiary farmers. In this, Government will provide 2000 in every fourth month in the form of three installments. These installments will directly transfer to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries.

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Earlier data of Pm Kisan Yojna

In May 2019, in a media interaction, the agriculture minister of India, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar said that there are 14.5 crore farmers in India eligible for Pm Kisan Yojna but at the same time the government website shows that there are only 12 crores farmers.

But in it was corrected by the government that the number of farmers is a noticeable part of the scheme that is the amount of the scheme will also increase. And he makes the budget of 75,000 crores for 12 crore farmers to the budget of additional 12,000 crores for 14.5 crore farmers, which will cover the gap of 2.5 crore farmers.

But it’s important that how good and coverable the Yojna was formed but implementation done by the government is? Are all the installments will deliver to everyone? If no due to any reason, and the installment will miss then will the farmer get the money of pending installments together?

I know many of you say No but if no then why? Can we take it as a part of the corruption?


The total number of farmers is 14.5 crores but on the Pm Kisan website, the number is 12 crore. According to the data of the Pm Kisan website, even a single installment is not delivered to all the farmer’s bank account.

On 9 August 2021, the ninth installment was deposited to the 9.75 Crore farmers directly to their bank accounts. The amount of money deposited was 19.509 crores. 2.25 Crore are left behind according to the Pm Kisan website data and according to the actual data 4.25 Crore. Why its happen in every installment a big number of farmers didn’t get their installment? It’s important to highlight because the number is always in crore the term difference is not of about thousands of crore.

InstallmentPeriod Farmers who got their installmentFarmers who didn’t get their installments
8th Till July 202111 crore1 Crore
7th Till March 202110.22 Crore 1.78 Crore
6th Till November 202010.22 Crore1.78 Crore
5th Till July 202010.49 Crore1.51 Crore
4th Till March 20208.95 Crore3.03 Crore
3th Till November 20198.76 Crore3.24 Crore
2th Till July 20196.63 Crore 5.37 Crore
1th Till March 20193.16 Crore8.84 Crore
Installments of PM Kisan Samman Yojna

So in the above table, the given data shows the maximum number of farmers who get their installments is in the ninth installment.

In all nine installments, there are many farmers who didn’t even receive even a single installment.

Reality is different than the promise?

Till now we were talking about the number of farmers and the installment but let’s look at the amount of money. That what was promised and what actually farmers getting?

If we look at the value of the installments of farmers who didn’t get their installment then it will of about 53,000 Crore. Which is not a small value I think.

Initially, the government had promised that 12 crore farmers will get financial assistance of 75,000 Crore. But the actual budget allotted was 48,713 Crore. This indicates a difference of 35% between the promised budget and the actual budget. The government made two types of headlines, one was for newspaper headlines and the other was for the actual budgets. Because people read a newspaper, not budget report.

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