Prophet Controversy And Islamic Nations


A controversy started by Nupur Sharma(Former Spokesperson of BJP) during a TV debate, crossed its edges. Now this fire is not just spreading in India but in the whole Islamic world. What was the case and how did it affect India, we have already discussed this in the previous article. This article will discuss the affection of the Prophet Controversy on Islamic Nations and OIC’s (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) reply.

As we all know the statement was given by Nupur Sharma last month. The statement became controversial after one week and the first violence was witnessed in Kanpur on 3rd June. BJP suspended Nupur Sharma, but the demand by the protesters was her arrest. One more person named Naveen Jindal was suspended from the Party who supported Nupur’s statement. Naveen Jindal was BJP’s media in-charge. He was expelled from the primary membership of the party. But then after some time, he was dismissed from the party.

Responses to the prophet controversy

India was targeted by six Islamic nations and by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). OIC has 56 member states. It censured the BJP over the controversial remarks. Also, Indian Ambassadors to Qatar, Kuwait, and Iran were summoned by their respective foreign ministries on the 5th of June. Besides, the Arab world has started boycotting Indian products campaigns.

The OIC criticized India for the statement by a spokesperson of the ruling Party against the Prophet. Organisation also called upon the UN to take necessary action to “address the practices targeting Muslims in India.


What does Kuwait want?

Ambassador to India was summoned by the Foreign Ministry of Kuwait, mentioned in a tweet. The country handed a note stating it “disclaims and condemns the words made by an official in the ruling party against the Holy Prophet “. An official statement issued by Kuwait involves a demand for a public apology for these hostile statements, the continuation of which would constitute a barrier measure or punishment to increase extremism and disgust and undermine the elements of moderation.

Iran’s Response

The ambassador of India was also summoned by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Tehran Over what state media called an “insult against the prophet of Islam in an Indian TV show”. Indian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian is scheduled to visit Delhi, on his first-ever trip for this prophet controversy.


It’s about against India and Pakistan can’t be back in the race. From Pakistan, Current prime minister Shehbaz Sharif tweeted on 5th June that “I condemn in the most vital possible words hurtful comments of India’s BJP leader about our beloved Prophet(PBUH). Having said it repeatedly India under PM Narendra Modi is trampling religious freedom and persecuting Muslims. The world Should take note and severely reprimand India. ”

OIC’s Statement

In the official statement, OIC said “These remarks come in the context of the escalation of hatred and the abuse of Islam In India and in the context of the systematic practices against Muslims and restrictions on them.” OIC also counted all the decisions that came recently about Muslims of India. Like banning headscarves in educational institutions, demolitions of Muslim property, and in addition to the increase in violence against them.

In response to OIC’s statement, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said that India categorically rejects the OIC secretariat’s unwarranted and narrow-minded comment. Indian government pays the highest respect to all religions. The statement and tweet were made by certain individuals. And strong action has already been taken against the person who delivered the controversial statement.

Mr. Bagchi also added, “It is regrettable that OIC Secretariat has yet again chosen to make motivated, misleading, and mischievous comments”. He said, “We would urge the OIC Secretariat to stop pursuing its communal approach and show due respect to all faiths and religions. ”

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