Ukraine Russia War! Putin Is Losing?

ukraine president

Newsletter Published on 6 March 2022

One of the Superpowers of the world “Russia” and the world’s most powerful person “Putin”, attacking a country, and are they still losing? Many reports and many experts are pointing this thing that Russia is losing the Ukraine Russia war. Russia has been caught in its own trap. But the question is who makes him lose this war? And the Answer is Volodymyr Zelenskyy, yes the president of Ukraine, and in the past, a comedian. The man who told Putin by looking into his eyes that “Ukraine will not give an inch of land to Russia”.

Zelenskyy knows that he is fighting the world’s most powerful person but in spite of knowing this, he is still standing Firm. And telling his people to take weapons and let’s fight for their country. The US gave a chance to the Zelenskyy, that leave the war and Ukraine and flee from the country. But he refused it and said that his country is more important and he continued to stay in Ukraine. He too picks the weapons. And said that the fight is here “I need ammunition not ride”. He not only spoke to the people of Ukraine but also talked to the Russians that during a war the people will suffer the most. There are many people who are pointing out the attacks done by the USA on other countries.

ukraine president

When Putin was the Prime minister of Russia, he played a key role during the second Chechen war and that war shows the brutality of Putin. Everything in the Chechen was destroyed at a massive level and the army made it a desert. Then that destruction was named peace. Imagine how all destruction can label as a victory? Is the Victory all about a piece of land? The capital of Chechen named Grozny is the most destroyed city on the planet.

If we go around the data then we will get to know that 250,000 civilians were killed in that War. And reports say civilians were not only killed. Not only Chechen there is one more example of the Syria war, where Airstrike was conducted by Russia. In that war, Russia dropped missiles on Syria and destroyed everything.

Both examples make us a little worried about the future action take Russia can make on Ukraine. Daily the death rate in the country is increasing. We all are tracking news and know that the condition of Ukraine land and the people of Ukraine is getting worse day by day. In this war, if we ignore that who is right or who is wrong then we will get to know that there is only one thing that happens. and that one thing is loss. Loss of life, loss of land, loss of health, loss of wealth, almost every aspect. As we read about wars in history. No one gains anything.

But now Putin wants Ukraine at any cost. He is ready to lose his country’s economy, his country’s respect. But the question is that if he occupies the whole land then will be able to consider it a victory? And whom he make proud? To the people of his country(Russia), for sure not.

Russia is not only attacking military areas but also targeting civilian areas. The whole world will remember Russia’s aggression and will remark the bravery of Zelenskyy. The world will remember that the most powerful man in the world is defeated by a comedian.

Ask Yourself:

  • No one wants war, but now it’s happing then who is the Reason?
  • NATO is not affecting, Putin, is not affecting also Biden is affecting? Then is affecting all this? Obviously the civilians.

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