Putin, World, And Reason in Russia-Ukraine War!

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Newsletter Published on 27 February 2022

When I am writing this post, three days of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been completed. Russian soldiers were in the capital of Ukraine, “Kyiv“. Almost every country is putting sanctions on Russia, whose president is Putin. But I think that Russia was prepared for that sanctions earlier.

Why Putin is doing this?

There are many reports which show that Putin was one of those people who are obsessed with the history of the Soviet Union or can say that broke of Soviet Union. And Putin wants to reestablish the glory of Russia as it was of the Soviet Union before 1991. This makes a sense of interest in Putin about Ukraine.

It’s true that Russians want Crimea to be part of Russia because of Crimeans who were like Russians. But they never cared about Ukraine as much as Crimea. The conflict of Ukraine is not because of Russia but because of Putin. After 1991, every six or eight years Russia invade some more part of the land from other countries.

In the UN Council India, China, and UAE doesn’t support Ukraine nor voted against Russia. If we look at this decision from the sight of Indian development then this was the only thing India can do. If India supported Ukraine then that means India is going against Russia and this will affect the relations of India-Russia. There are many countries that are supporting Ukraine in the UN council and in the name of action, they are imposing sanctions. In the council, there were 11 countries that voted and the majority voted against Russia. But as Russia is a permanent UN council it used veto power and change the decision.


But it’s important to know Why NATO does not provide membership to Ukraine?

As we already know the USA, the UK, European countries, and France are the world superpowers of NATO. Russia knows very well that the USA just came from Afghanistan and doesn’t want to be a part of the battle again. The UK is obsessed with their president Boris. And there are elections in France next year, so the France government will not be a part of the war and doesn’t take any risk. European countries import more than 35% of their Oil from Russia and if they go against Russia then they have to pay for it.

So, there are many reasons that no country wants to go for the direct battle with Russia. And if NATO gives membership to the Ukraine, then they have to face Russia directly and have to lose something. It’s true that Russia made the whole world depends on it.

China-Russia Relationship

As we saw that China doesn’t vote in the UN council that indicates some close relationship of China with Russia like India. But in the future, if something happens China also occupies some region of India then will Russia stand with India or china. And the answer no one knows but by looking at the past we can predict.

During the 1960s, when Nikita Khrushchev was the president of the Soviet Union. In the war of India-China 1962, Khrushchev declared his support to Chinese “Brother” rather than his Indian “Friends”.

In the last, I only want to conclude that Ukraine is alone now and everyone from the country is trying to protect them and their country too. The number of deaths is increasing day by day. And if it’s true that Russia wants full-scale invasion then this death rate is just a start.

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