Russia Vs Ukraine: World War III?

russia vs ukraine humanitarian

In July 2021, Vladimir Putin wrote an article on the history of Russia and Ukraine. The name of that article was “On the historical unity of Russians and Ukraine”, this article is still available on the Russian president’s website. One highlighted sentence that I found in the article was “Russians and the Ukrainians were one people- a single whole.”

This line suggests two ways of thinking. One could be the positive side that contains peace and integrity. And maybe Putin is talking about the unity of Russians and Ukrainians. Or second, says that Putin simply indicates that for instance, the invasion of Ukraine.

What’s happening?

Now the second approach looks true according to the recent development that happened in Russia that it has gathered about 130,000 troops along with the parts of the Ukrainian line. Putin has also threatened the US and European countries that if they cross the red line, then he or Russia would invade Ukraine.

A few days ago, Nation security advisor of the United States, Jake Sullivan, said that now Russia can actually invade Ukraine anytime. Also, the government of India has reached out to Indian citizens in Ukraine.

Now to understand the root of this conflict we have to light some chapters of History.

History of Ukraine

Initially, Ukraine was a part of the Soviet Union, and 15 more countries were part of it. During the cold war, all the communist countries were stood against the United States and western Europe.

The cold war was a time when the US and Soviet Union was fighting with each other in every aspect. As Ukraine was situated near many Europen Countries which were aligned by the US. So, the Soviet Union has installed many nuclear weapons in Ukraine.

After Soviet Union Collapse?

But in 1991 a historical event happened that changed the geopolitical trajectory of the world. Then the Soviet Union collapsed and fifteen independent countries formed. Then after the broke of the Soviet Union, Ukraine Independently formed. And at that time Ukraine was the third-largest country having the largest number of nuclear weapons in the world.

Now the question rises what Ukraine did with these nuclear weapons?

Then Russia came and said to transfer all the nuclear weapons to them. In exchange, Russia will provide economic aid and security against any foreign invasion. This all worked well for more than 13 years but then Russia used this to increase its influence over Ukraine.

Like Russia started promoting more pro-Russian leaders in Ukraine, such as Viktor Yanukovych who was a former president of Ukraine. He implemented many pro-Russian policies in Ukraine. This led to many protests in Ukraine against Russian influence. It happened mainly in the parts of western and central Ukraine.

russia and ukraine humanitarian

Two Ukraines

But there is one more interesting thing that exists that there are two stands in Ukraine.

  • First the western and the central part who believe that they have diffrent identity from the Russians. They have there own indevisulity.
  • Secound is the Eastern part who believe that they are like Russians.

It doesn’t mean that Russia Invaked Crimea by force. But many reports and experts say that Crimea wanted to be a part of Russia.

After this when the Russia Invaked Crimea in 2014. Western Ukraine doesn’t want to be part of Russia and realizes the exchange of nuclear weapons with economic aid and security wasn’t a good deal. And they also identify that now they need some external help from the other countries. And external help means NATO.

Role of NATO

NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is an intergovernmental military alliance. This organization already has thirty countries including twenty-seven European countries, two North American countries, and one Eurasian country. NATO was formed by US and European countries in 1949. The objective of NATO was to counter the aggressive actions of the Soviet Union.

It’s also true that NATO is responsible for the current tensions between Russia and Ukraine. For a long time, Ukraine expressed a desire to join NATO. And Russia doesn’t want it to happen. Because if this happened then Russia’s neighbor will become its enemy.

But How Nato will help Ukraine against Russia?

Article Five of NATO

There is Article five in the NATO’s treaty that is a commitment between all the NATO members that an attack on any NATO country is treated as an attack on the entire alliance.

An attack against one would be an attack against all.


Now, if Ukraine becomes a part of NATO and then Russia attacked Ukraine. Then about thirty countries would become enemies of Russia and will fight against Russia to save Ukraine. The enemy will include the US, UK, and France too. And It’s a signed commitment.

Ukraine or mainly western Ukraine wants good relations with US and European Countries. But there is only one person who doesn’t want Ukraine to be a part of NATO and doesn’t let Ukraine establish good relations with the US. And that one person is “Vladimir Putin.”

But one more thing is left behind that why Putin is heavily attracted to Ukraine and is it personal or national? We will discuss the solution and the reason behind this war in the next article.

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