4 Pointers for The Smartphone Craving of Today’s Generation! (Student Edition)

I was going to a Park and saw kids playing with Smartphones in the Park. I was shocked. When we were kids, we used to play in the park but not in Mobile Phones.

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today we will be discussing “4 Pointers for The Smartphone Craving of Today’s Generation!”

So, coming back to Smartphones, what I have observed is that they are not just a tool anymore, they have become an addiction. And this addiction can be preposterous for anyone.

So, here we start our 4 pointers.

The Birth of Addiction:

If we start the journey of Smartphone, I personally feel that the addiction timetable started with the launch of mobile games. When the App Stores got flooded with new interactive games, the attitude of youths changed. The students who used to talk about Football or Cricket during Recess, were then talking about collecting coins or characters in games.

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Though it became a lifestyle of students to play games, this addiction was boosted by other apps launched later on.

For instance, Release of Multiplayer Battle Games, Short Video Clips, some addicting social media apps, etc. This addiction has today reached its peak level and there’s no doubt it will reach higher heights in future.

Smartphone which is helping us to simplify our tasks, also at the same time, making us get involved in stupid stuff. This addiction needs to be stopped. The next point covers the more Dangerous one.

Toddlers & Smartphones:

There’s no doubt that toddlers and kids have to learn things and should also get to know technological benefits today. But, it doesn’t mean to addict them to it.

I once visited my relatives, and saw their 7 year old child playing with Smartphones. Not just games, he also knew how to make videos, short clips, how to edit photos, etc. Though it is good to be updated, spending half of a day on mobile is lethal, especially when you are at this tender age.

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This is just one story, there lies lakhs of stories in everyone’s home. Some parents are getting special counselling for their child’s addiction to mobiles. Some are finding solutions for the problem and Some are just annoyed.

But why does it happen? Did the child itself get the smartphone? Did he himself learn to play games? The Answer is No. The child himself doesn’t have the power to buy a Smartphone and download games and then play. It is the Parents, who teach them, but forget to put limits.

This is more prominent when both parents are working. If the Child is crying give him phone, if he is angry give him phone, if he is sad give him phone. You are parents, but you start bribing your child and this bribe slowly turns to addiction. Not just he/she gets addicted to mobile phones, but next time he will demand a new thing as he knows about the bribe thing now. This needs to be Stopped!

The Routine Life:

Do you follow your routine? Or Do you have a time table? Obviously there are certain daily protocols to be maintained. For work related protocol or any meeting, we first had a diary with us on which we used to write important events. But guess what, this diary has been replaced by Smartphones.

But why am I telling the Obvious? It is because it is also an addiction, The Addiction of Forgetting. A person now keeps checking the calendar again and again to see events. A student keeps opening a calculator on mobile for simple calculations.

Many things which were done earlier through just simple memory and mind, are now being replaced by Smartphones. This is making our memory poor. And this again needs to be stopped.

Social Media Cravings:

If I am eating a Pizza, do I need to post it on Facebook? Answer that comes to mind is Your Wish, but now after seeing a lot of posts about it, My mind says let’s take a picture of it. I didn’t want to capture Pizza in my Gallery, nor Do I want to post it, but the repetitive posts by other people have made me click the picture.

Social media
Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com

Not just pictures, Social Media has a lot of traditions

  1. I have to post if I am getting something new.
  2. I have to post if I am celebrating a Festival.
  3. I have to post if I am happy or not.

Darn It Man!

The more dangerous part is that you were sitting. In the next 10 seconds, you finger swipe and open the app and the fun part is that You didn’t do this intentionally. This is an addiction. Our fingers start fidgeting here and there. And ofcourse this needs to be Stopped!

Bottom Line:

The end of the article comes out as It needs to be stopped! This addiction will slowly eat up the Brains of people. Students are prone and kids even more.

So, Be alert and choose your timetable wisely. Be aware of the benefits and losses of Smartphones. Also, Kindly comment for any suggestions and demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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