Solve the difference and determine Equality: 75th Independence day special

In our schooling, we all have done maths. And in that subject, we all have solved the problems based on differences which simply means subtraction. But in real life, we don’t need such kinds of differences. We all are the people of a democratic and great country. Let’s solve this difference on the precious occasion of 75th Independence day.

75th Independence day
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We all know difference means Subtraction which determines that how the values, on which the subtraction is implementing, are different from each other and how much. But in our real-life do we all need such kind of thing? Absolutely not. This all will make sense like one person’s state is good from the other one.

We all are living in the 21st century, and here there has to be no space for discrimination. We all have to make our thinking secular. In maths when we solve the subtraction then we will get some answer which can be a positive number or can be negative also.

But the real-life difference should have to be zero neither negative nor positive. Having zero doesn’t mean physical like wealth, color, health, gender, etc. but on the basis of thinking which determines that everyone is equal to their reality.


Reason for difference:

When a baby is born there no birthmark exists on the body which determines someone’s caste, religion, and manners. So from where he/she gets the poison of inequality or discrimination in their mind. And made themselves feel that this is mine and that is your, in a democratic country.

You agree or not but our parents and surrounding made us feel that that person is different from you because he belongs to some other caste or religion. But there is no fault of them as they are inheriting all this from centuries but now its youth. And it’s our turn to make everyone equal.

If someone does not belong to my caste, culture, and religion then what makes sense of having a difference from that person.

Maybe we can’t make our parents understand equality but try to teach it to yourself as then you can teach your kids in future about.

How is the difference spreading all over India?

I’m sure you all have heard about network marketing. A great concept of making money by making a chain of customers and sellers. But in this great concept, there are several companies who misuse it to make illegal money like they wash your brain and will agree you to pay an amount to them and then will run away.

Similar to network marketing the concept of discrimination is spreading all over India. In which they wash your brain, like a specific caste or religion, is destroying your country and you have to save it. They make people fool in the name of god. Like you have to save the name of Lord Ram or Allah have sent you to destroy other people. Really is this all make any sense?


How to make the solution of difference Zero?

See the solution to destroy discrimination is Education. Education is the only key that will make a person secular. The education of not a Hindu or Muslim or Shik organization but a well-diversified institution. I am not saying that all the Religious organizations are teaching wrong and spreading discrimination but there are still some who are making us backward.

We all know that the people who are spreading discrimination have a motive that can be anything but mainly political. But it’s our responsibility to make our thinking to make a democratic country, not a political one.

Everyone is eqaual?

Recently a video is viral on social media in which a Hindu mob was troubling a Muslim person and were hitting him so badly. His daughter was requesting and pleading them and no one was listing to her

. On 8 August 2021, Anti Muslim slogans were raised in the Bharat Jodo Andolan. The leader was saying to make India a place for Hindus only.

In April 2020 a violent group lynched two Hindu Sadhus, on a rumor of a Hindu thief looting Muslim homes.

Every second day there is a new story based on discrimination we can read in the newspaper but still, some people assume there is no discrimination in India.



Today we all are celebrating the 75th Independence day. Our freedom fighters haven’t fight for a kind unequal India. We all are independent to live, independent to express, and also independent to choose. Then why choose discrimination and determine inequality. There are a thousand demerits of inequality but there is not single merit of it.

Just think about India in which there is no discrimination. Everyone is no one is very up and no one is very down. All sit together, eat together, play together and live together.

Happy independence day to everyone!!!

There will be almost zero violence when there is zero discrimination.


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