The Era of Online Education

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Am I visible? Am I audible? These are the two most popular asked questions in classes since the era of Online Education began. So, let’s dive deep into it.

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today, we will be discussing, “The Era of Online Education!”

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Well! An Era will be a long time period, so why have I used this word? I could have used the word “Year” but I simply used Era. It is because an Era has already begun, and it will continue. The Online Education mode will not stop now. It’s in the market and on smartphones.

A Change:

For the first time in history, students have taken their classes while in bed or at their home desk. Isn’t it amazing? When I was a kid, I had a concept in mind like this. What if we can take school classes at home? But, the year of 2020 made it possible. So, what are the pros and cons, we will discuss it today!

Benefits of Online Education-

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  1. The very first benefit of Online Education is the saving of time. The time that was once used for going to school and returning back is now saved. Students can really appreciate the time reward they have now and can make the best out of it.
  2. Secondly, there is a little reduction in School fees, mainly the travel allowance. This little reduction has proven beneficial for some families as it helps them financially.
  3. Third is the availability of content. Earlier teachers used to take revision classes again and again. But, now if someone has doubts, they can revisit the recording of the lecture and can clear their doubts.

So, these all are the benefits for students. But, what about the teacher?

For teachers, online education also have a variety of benefits like-

  1. They can now address a large number of students at a single time.
  2. Online tests on Google forms or any sort of Time bound Online Quizzes, can calculate students’ results automatically if answers are fed. So, the teacher doesn’t have to check test copies and hence their time is saved.
  3. The rule for vehicle expense and time saving is the same for all including teachers.


With the advent of Covid-19, teaching has been a challenging task. But, solutions arise due to problems only. So, Online teaching started.

Though many companies like Byju’s and Unacademy have been teaching online for a long time, it is the first time School is teaching like this.

So, with new things, comes new challenges. We will cover all these today.

Starting up-

The real challenge that teachers saw was how to start. Many teachers Used hangers to suspend mobile phones to record video. Some used tripod stands.

But, most of the teachers were confused about how to fix smartphones for video lectures. Somehow, they found the Solutions to it. But, this was really challenging for all.

Class Environment-

In Offline Mode, teachers have the power to maintain a warm environment of Study. But, due to online classes Teacher didn’t have any power, they were thinking what to do.

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Maintaining an environment was too difficult for them.Even students who used to coordinate now couldn’t help as the naughty elements of class were having fun.

Teaching Methodology-

Teaching in an online mode is too difficult, is what I have heard from many teachers. It is not because you can’t convey your words. It is because you can’t see what others are upto. So, Teachers have to constantly change their teaching methodology.

Cons for Students:

The foremost con that students are having is that they are devoid of hands-on experience. They just know how to perform Practicals, but they haven’t done any.

This is the case with all subjects. Practical work, assignment, projects which are done using Human Touch are getting processed online these days, which is a point of concern.

Secondly, As Students are not coming and are just sitting at home, their physical health is deteriorating. In School, they used to play, but now everything is online, even playing.

Bottom Line:

Well! This is just a mere comparison of Pros & Cons of Online Studies. You now know what is important for you.

So, get ready and go for a fresh walk. Kindly comment for any suggestions and demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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