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Self-Confidence Boosted

Have you ever felt nervous while speaking in Public? Or maybe while ordering your favorite Subway sandwich? Well! If this is the case, then one thing is lacking in you. And that’s Self-Confidence!

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today, we will be discussing, “The Importance of Self-Confidence!”


Before discussing the Word Confidence, I would like to ask you all the real meaning of it? Do you really know what Confidence is? If yes! Then congratulations and if not, then welcome to this post.

Confidence is an attribute that is present in your Body Language. Confidence means to be sure and capable of the work you are indulged in. If you are doing anything, be it playing or cooking or giving exams with confidence, then an unknown sparkle will surely shimmer around your body. 

This is because Confidence in itself is very powerful. You know what you have to do, you know how to do it and you know how you will do it. When you know everything, then the reasons for tension become less and this helps in more efficient results.

Self-Confidence: Key to success
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So, why suddenly out of nowhere I stumbled upon this topic? Well! There’s nothing like stumbling upon, but I have seen a lot of people struggling with English Speaking.

People say they don’t know how to speak English. Although they are very good at English Listening and Writing, when it comes to Speaking, most people face problems.

What I have analyzed is that they don’t have a problem with English. There are 3 main problems.

  1. Shyness
  2. How will others judge me?
  3. Lack of Self-Confidence

The first two are mainly the problems that are different on an individual level. But Lack of Self-Confidence is something that is a problem for a vast proportion of people.

How Does Lack of Self-Confidence Arise?

Lack of Self-Confidence is not a one-step process. It is a series of Events that favour its happening. Let’s take an example:

Rahul was a boy who loved painting. He was the best student in his school in painting, and he went to an Inter-School Painting Competition, where he saw worthy opponents. He was full of confidence while submitting his creation. Furthermore, he then waited for the results to come. Results got announced, and he didn’t make it. Rahul got disappointed. He was sure about his winning, but somehow he didn’t win.

This is an initiation Step. This will bow the seed in his mind that he is not that good. Slowly, after two or three such incidents, he will start losing confidence. A time will come, where his schoolmates will win against him.

Although a painting competition is just a normal activity, his confidence will be severely impacted. Slowly and gradually his confidence in other activities will also decline where he excelled. Hence, this lack of self-confidence will severely impact his abilities.

To summarize it, what this story wants to say is that we all are a part of competition in some way or other. We all have worthy opponents. We all excel in something, but it’s not that we are the best. If you think yourself as the best, Overconfidence will also impact you. Sometimes, Overconfidence is responsible for the lack of confidence. 

This little story showed how Overconfidence is responsible for Turning Confidence to Lack of Confidence. 

How will it affect you?

Lack of Confidence will impact you in ways you have never thought of, like:

Fear of Judgement: You won’t be able to judge things, because you don’t have confidence. A constant fear will be in your mind regarding your decision. These decisions can be as basic as daily chores. For example, you will keep checking if you have turned off the fan or not, or if you have packed essentials for trips, etc.

You will avoid situations, in which people will ask your choice. You will avoid being assigned any work. These are certain things that will become a daily routine of your life if you lack confidence.

Fear of Trying: You won’t even try new things. It is because you don’t know how to react to new experiences. This lack of confidence will surely make you a boring person which will lead to something more disastrous, discussed in the next point.

Isolation: You don’t want to talk to anyone as they will judge you. You don’t want to try things, nor do you want to go outside. You will start isolating yourself from the outer world. Likewise, you don’t like attending family functions. This is all because of a Lack of Confidence. Slowly, this isolation will give you depression.

Hopelessness: The one thing which is responsible for life is hope. When a person becomes hopeless, he tends to lose interest in life. I am not saying that a person will suicide if he doesn’t have confidence. I am just saying that if a person lacks confidence, he will lose interest in activities and will start thinking of himself as a loser. 

Love for Perfection: Now, let’s say if a person wants to get rid of isolation/depression. What a person does is that he will start doing things with perfection. He wants perfection in everything so that no one Questions him. Though he is going good, now he is so passionate about perfection that he starts having OCD. He doesn’t like it if work is done without Perfection.

Problem around People: As discussed above, your lack of confidence will make you a weirdo among social groups. You will be like a living corpse without any soul. Who likes a corpse? You will feel anxiety around people and people will feel uncomfortable around you as well. Not just this, but your relationships will also be affected.

Careless attitude: You will grow careless as well. As now you know people think of you as a weirdo and you feel the same way as well. You will start asking yourself, “Who cares?” This negative attitude of yours will make you an obstinate person and carelessness will become a part of your life.

Above stated all are the problems associated with a mental person or a person who knows nothing and cares for nothing. Now, if you want to become the same, then lacking confidence will favour you.

But who wants to grow mental? Everyone wants Confidence! I am covering the points on how to increase self-confidence.

How to Boost Self-Confidence?


The very basic step to boost confidence is to know where to stand. How much Confidence is there in you? And how to do that? 

Well! For that, you need to perform a variety of tasks and track your progress. For instance, while on a bus, try talking to strangers, and track your confidence level. You can apply this study to a variety of daily activities like-

  1. Participating in Group activities like in School.
  2. Helping Others in Chores.
  3. Spending time with Family and Friends.
  4. Having a speech in front of mirror.
  5. Calling unknown person around the world to open up your space, etc.


Now because you know where do you stand, it’s time for the action. Make a schedule or get yourself a planner to keep progressing. Try making your schedule a little flexible and include a variety of activities. For example:

  1. Giving free service in NGOs.
  2. Spending Quality time with Family & Friends.
  3. Try giving 2 hours per week to Social Services like NSS or NCC or any co-curricular courses.
  4. Record your speeches.
  5. Try to do most of the work offline instead of online.
  6. Join a meditation routine course.

Add ons:

Now Progress is there, the track is there. It’s the time for add-ons. Start including Confidence building activities in your life. The speeches which were recorded till now should be orally delivered in front of the crowd. Start with a smaller crowd and start increasing the size.

Add a variety of activities like writing and open discussions. These two will for sure help you as they will enhance your thinking skills. Your thoughts will gradually change from negative remarks to more optimistic and logical explanations.

Time for you:

As you have worked hard till now, make yourself comfortable with things you like. Join a Gym or Swimming classes. It’s just an idea, you can do whatever you like. Exercising will also help as it will help you in Physical Development. Along with Good Body Posture, Good Body Language comes, which will boost your confidence. 

It’s Time for Showdown:

Now you are Ready with your body and mind. It’s time for the ultimate showdown. So, make a really strong impression wherever you go. Stand up for yourself and don’t take things for granted. Let people know that a person can regrow his confidence back and show the world that he can!

Bottom Line:

Today we learned how to regain Confidence. Though this article was basically about the Importance of Confidence, we learned the dangerous symptoms of lacking it. Self-Confidence is something that is a must need if you want to stand up for yourself.

So, next time you feel blue and want a quick dosage of Motivation and Confidence, kindly visit us. Kindly comment for any Suggestions and Demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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