“The Lovable Art of Diary Writing.”

Diary Writing!

So, I was wondering about the feelings we have. Sometimes, we have friends to share with, sometimes family. But, there is also a time in life when we don’t have someone to share it with.


I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today, we will be talking about, “The Lovable Art of Diary Writing.
Diary is one thing which we can share our feelings with. Many people will call it old fashioned, but it is one thing that will stay true.

So, here we will learn about Diary Writing.

Why to Write a Diary?

Well! I am not convincing anyone to write a diary. But, I am just trying to expand my views on this subject. Writing a Diary not just helps you to come out of feeling lonesome. But, it will keep you in a routine. You will always feel an urge to write something to it.

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Whenever you are happy, you will write a diary. The cluster of pages won’t just have words but your feelings.

So, let’s do this activity. Try to read or listen to your own words from the past. You will feel nostalgic and will feel happy.

The main aim of living this life is to be Happy. If one page of reading makes you so happy, then why not make it a habit?

Secondly, Diary Writing will help you in expanding yourself. You will not be stuffed with secrets now. You have someone to share it with. You will for sure feel lighter after doing a writing. What all I am saying will sure look ridiculous, but in fact some research also suggests Diary Writing.

How to Write a Diary?

There’s no Format for Diary Writing if you are not doing it for English Exams. Asking this question is like- How to talk to someone? With your mouth, isn’t it obvious?

Well! Don’t feel anything formal, just treat it like a Friend or treat it like a past of you. Because in future, when you will be reading it, you will notice your timidness, your feelings, etc. But, the most acceptable norm is to greet it first, like Hello, etc.

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After that try to write the date. And after that it is all yours. Write whatever you want to write. Your experiences, good or bad, your feelings, your complaints, your demands, etc. Try to empty yourself with that pen.

You can use the exact words that you feel like. Don’t be worried, feel like a heaven you are in. You are allowed to express anything. And atlast when it is the time to leave, say it with a Goodbye or Goodnight.

When to Write a Diary?

Writing a Diary while eating may seem a bad option. Jokes apart, but yes It’s you and you only, write whenever it feels like.

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You can write at the very moment you wake up or the moment you are about to go to bed. It shouldn’t be like a time table of course, it should be more like an inner confession. Though you are doing it at different hours, you will for sure end up in a routine of it. After some time, you will feel attached. No matter what, you are the Master, so write like him.

Any More Suggestions?

So, after we have completed the Whys, Hows, and Whens, it’s time to know more things attached to it. My suggestion for you all will be-

  1. Keep your Diary natural.
  2. Don’t try to fake experiences though I said you are in Heaven.
  3. Keep it full of life. Keep it lively.
  4. Keep it at a safe place, so that none can read as it is your personal diary.

Benefits of Diary Writing:

  1. It will improve your hesitation if you have any to confront your thoughts.
  2. It will relax you.
  3. It will enhance your writing skills.
  4. It will allow you to self reflect.
  5. It will make you achieve goals by aiming high.

Bottom Line:

Atlast what needs to be said is to write. Not just Diary, but anything, if you like poems do that, if articles do that. I share my feelings with you all by writing here. You can share your feelings with us as well.

So, next time you wanna feel nostalgic, just open your diary and recall us. Kindly Comment for any Suggestions and Demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~Lakshay R Goyal

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