The Myth of Motivation

Nowadays everyone wants motivation to do a job. It requires in every field like studies, completion of any project, writing, adaption of any new skill, etc. It’s not a bad thing but the way you are choosing the motivation matters.


What does motivation really mean?

See the meaning of motivation is present in itself. Motivation is always required when you are yearning to achieve or gain something, this factor indicates that you have a motive. A motive for which you are struggling. And this motive will seed out the motivation.

Now one new factor will come into the count that is how strong the strength of motivation do you have?

Strength of Motive

Suppose you want to displace an object from its original position. Then what will you do? The answer is simple you will pull or push it by applying the force. And you have to apply a sufficient amount of force on it to displace.

Similarly, like the above situation, you have to deliver a sufficient amount of strength to your motive to make the motivation more effective.

How to have great strength?

The strength of the motivation totally depends on the environment you create around. The strength can be considered as good or bad. I repeat it totally depends on how we create it.

Severest like dark

In the event that we are in a terrible one, we can pursue it as an open door or we can come up with it as a rationalization. It’s dependent upon us that how we are seeing that circumstance and what is our vision? We can make our vision great or can be most exceedingly awful. It’s absolutely in our grasp The most awesome aspect of the terrible climate is that it generally accompanies a chance with the assistance of it we can work on ourselves.

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Good like shine

Assuming we take a gander along the edge of a Good environment, it causes us to accept that we have something and we can take it to the most recognized position. Or then again Either we can abuse it and can make it down. It’s likewise dependent on our vision. Assuming you saw, you will discover that every one of the things is in our grasp.

How to Make a Good environment

Making the environment good is not a very complex task. But the implementation of it requires a consistent rule. If not then this will never give you the desired result. It mainly comprises of two factors first one is internal and the other one is external.


Motivation is mainly related to our inner self, as it directs us to work doesn’t matter it’s physical or mental. And to make our internal environment good we have to fill our minds full of good and positive thoughts. And have to learn to calm in every situation. Try to Keep smiling.


External involves a habit to clean yourself and having a look on yourself like how you look and how should you have to look. This will boost your confidence and the confidence will not only increase your motivation strength but also provide a new and unique type of motivation.

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Clearance of the motive

What you are doing or what you had done, should have a clearance of why it happened or need to happen? The same principle applies to the motive.

It should have to be very clear in your mind that what are you doing? And why are you doing it? These two questions are obligatory to yourself in the way to find a perfect motivation. See it will also make you not to be a part of Rat Race.

Clearance is the most effective part of the stalwart motivation.

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