“The Potential Level of Stress in Today’s Youth.”

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Stress! A word which is so popular now, which can be heard by even a young teen. Once, I was going and met some children. It was their exam day, so they were in tension. But, When I talked with one of the students, he said, “I am Stressed and Depressed.” I was shocked.

I am Lakshay R Goyal and welcome to Humanitarian. Today I will be discussing “The Potential Level of Stress in Today’s Youth.”

Stress is something that was once reserved for adults. Can you believe that a 15 year boy has stress? When he plays cricket and studies mathematics, he is stressed instead. So, let’s find out the reasons for stress on Students’ behalf.


The very first reason for stress in youth Is the studies. All the students are chasing marks like anything.

Education has now become a race. It is a race in which the minimum qualification criteria is 95% marks and sometimes more than that.

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Competition in education is increasing at a very fast rate. This has led to increased stress in students. This can be explained by a simple example.

Let’s say you want to join a particular College and last year the cutoff was 95%. So, this year you are preparing for it with full hard work. When the cut off lists come out, you find that the cutoff is 97%. Although you were expecting an increase in cutoff, not this much. This will break many dreams. Now, the student who has no other options, what will they do?

So, each and every year, this is faced by students. I know some students who are in 6th standard and they are preparing for entrance examinations. Can you believe this? So, as the competition is increasing, the chances for possible elimination also increases, which demoralises the students, hence they get stressed. So, find a Motivation.


Yes! Health! This may not sound so relatable, but indeed it is. Health and Fitness is required in this modern world, not just because it is necessary for your body, but because people want it.

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If there’s a youth with a fat body, people start commenting and giving taunts. Everyone is an advisor and starts commenting. If I am fat, this is my problem. Why are you commenting?

This small comment will eventually settle down in your mind. You start hating your body and start getting stressed. Not only a fat body, but even a fit one as well. People like commenting, a fit person would receive comments like-

  1. Why are you wasting time in all this gyming?
  2. You must be doing it for attractiveness.
  3. Earlier you used to look good.

These are just some examples, there are many in the real world. So, don’t freak out over these useless comments by people and avoid such taunts.

What you can do for this is to take care of your body, Health and mind. People love commenting, so let them do, and you just don’t entertain them.

Peer Pressure:

My dear youths, I know there are friends in your group who keep talking about today’s culture. Whether it is smoking or drinking, tattoos or piercings, they will always compare.

If your friends are good, they will never pressurize you for any of this. Start understanding what is important and what is not.

Peer Pressure can sometimes make you alone and depressed. But, you have to come out of it with a Smile. So, next time someone says about getting a Tattoo done, just answer with a Smile that I love Nature and my Natural Body.


Yes! You read it right. Today, many youths are engaged in relationships. In the age when one should focus on their dreams and career, some are distracted.

I would not say that it is bad. It is totally fine, until and unless it is harming your daily routine.

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A 18 year old boy is entering a world, where he needs to position himself in order to earn money and respect. But, if his relationship starts distracting him, then he won’t be able to fulfil his dreams.

On the other hand, sometimes these relationships are based on supply and demands (No Offense), and hence one starts getting depressed in this position. This will ultimately increase the stress.

Social Media:

How can we forget our favourite social media? This is the root cause of all the problems, isn’t it? (Jokes Apart), So, I am not saying that Social Media is harmful, it is indeed very helpful.

But, in this modern environment, there is a plethora of rubbish content available on these sites. Most youths spend time online on these platforms. This is a real distraction.

A small 1 min reel will create a very huge impact on your brain. If you watch a spy movie, you want to become a spy then. After watching a sports movie, you want to become a sportsman. Similarly, other genres as well. This fickle mindedness ensures that you’re not goal stable.

Social Media
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When you see your friend buying a bike and posting a story, you get stressed out that why I can’t do this. When you see someone younger than you earning a huge amount of money, you get stressed.

There’s both positive and negative content out there. So, choose wisely.

So, what are the solutions to this? Well! For that you need to wait for some time. I will be sharing the Solutions in my next blog post.

Bottom Line:

So, you have stress, and you know what you are going through. It is hence better to note the problems first and then find the Solutions to them.

Sometimes, small problems are the bigger ones. And the bigger ones are the smaller ones. It’s all about your perspective, how you see things.

The above stated five reasons are not the only one. There are plenty of them. So, enjoy it if you have fewer problems and work on their solutions.

So, next time you are feeling stressed, just visit us and subscribe to us. You will really feel good here. I will be posting more informative and inspiring content here to help you. Kindly Comment for any suggestions and demands.

With this, I want to end this article on a happy note and wish all the readers a thank you.

~ Lakshay R Goyal

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