The Two-Face PM, Godhra kand: Part 1

We all know that everything and everyone has two faces. One is positive and the other one is negative. Right? And the same concept suit both the hope as well as implementation. But how will it be if the hope is positive but the implementation is negative? Or the Implementation is positive but the hope is negative? I think you will agree with me that this will not be going too good.

The Two-Face PM

So in today’s article, I will talk about the two faces, I found in my PM. Maybe if you like him or not. Maybe you find it true or not but this all will be neutral, not the supporter of someone or the opposition of someone. Writing as a simple and Independent writer.

Introduction of the Man:

I am talking about a man who was born in a small village in Gujarat, and grew in a poor family, he was the third of six children. He helps his father in selling tea on Vednager railway station at a time after school. He was not a brilliant student in his class but his confidence requires another level. If I give you a small example then when his teacher allows a student to check the copies of other students then, he was the only student who refuses and gets his copy check by the teacher only.

He belongs to a Ghanchi caste (traditionally, those who made their living as oil pressers), I know and understand that in the twenty-first century highlighting caste doesn’t matter and is not a good part but he subsequently describes himself as India’s first backward caste PM.

He refused his child marriage and I think it was not a bad step. But anyway let’s move forward then he left his home because of that marriage. He was thirteen then. He was reported to spent time in Rajkot, Almora, Kolkata, and Guwahati. He lived in ashrams and attempt self-discovery.

Step to be the CM

After returning to Gujrat he started operating a canteen and tea stall. After that, he became a full-time RSS worker. For almost one year he does chores like cooking cleaning. But with time he grew himself and ranked rapidly. In 1987, he joined the political arm “BJP”.
He worked very well in BJP and was credited for the victory of BJP in the 1995, Gujrat state election. Soon he rose as an organization secretary of BJP and became a spokesperson on National Television.

After a Crisis in BJP run state Government in Gujarat, at the age of fifty-one, in October 2001, he was sent to Ahmedabad by the party to serve as a chief minister. When he became the CM, the assembly elections were a year far away.

Godhra Kand

But just after four months, on the 27 February 2002, 58 men, women and children were coming from a trip to Ayodhya, there an accidental fire was broke out which was reported as done by a mob. The train was passing to a Muslim dominant town of Godhra. It was also claimed that the mob was Muslim ruling which was done on the behalf as coincidently the train was passing a Muslim dominant area. In my angle which was seen to be a political card.

Godhra Kand

It was noticed that the Government did little to be prepared for it. After this, a state bandh was declared in Gujarat, and the group of Kar Sevaks ( A Kar Sevak is a volunteer who freely offers their services to a dharmic cause), were freely sent on the roads, for making a horrific environment. It was denied by many accounts but widely reported at that time.

So-called Hindu Leaders began the attacks on Muslims as well as on their homes and shops. Soon everything became Red with Blood and about 1,000 people, mainly Muslims and many Hindus too were Exterminated. The situation was very horrific. The Mob was not dissuaded and even didn’t stooped in their track by the Government.

According to the reports approximately more than 1,o44 were Massacred, 2500 were injured and 223 were reported missing. In that riot around 4,500 houses were destroyed and 18,500 were damaged and the Muslim Gujratis suffered property damage worth 600 crores and Hindus approximately 40 Crore. It was also reported that after a few months 132,500 persons were forced to leave their homes and made displaced.


It was seen that the Modi Government have not done anything to stop the riots. The bloodshed was going on in front of his eyes. It was also noticeable, the Supreme Court Investigation found that there is no case for him to answer. Human Rights issued a report entitled “We Have No Orders to same you “. It was also found that Police was also a passive observer and also did nothing.

The authorized biography of Shri Narendra Modi by Andy Marino describes the same event in a totally different way enlightening that the Modi Ji is completely blameless in the 2002 Gohdra Kand. And did everything which was under his Power.

See I was not present in 2002 to observe that event, the only thing which we are taking into account are facts and that’s it. Many people have their own ethics and point of view this was mine and the things which I found.

This is all about the First part of the Two-Face PM.

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