Third Covid Wave In India

Covid-19 , a coronavirus disesase which is effecting the whole world very badly . We can not only see the effect on heath or development but also on economy and food . First we were hit by first wave then secound wave now the third one is to come. So there are many questions coming in our mind such as how the third covid wave in India looks like? , In which time period the third wave expected in India ? , Will there third wave covid lockdown? and much more we are going to discuss , So without any furthur delay let’s start the article.

Third Covid Wave In India
Third Covid Wave In India

When third wave expected in India ?

It is difficult to predict that when will the third wave of coronavirus will spread it self in India. But according to some medical researchers third wave expected in India to be begin in the end of august . It can be more early or can be more delay but we can take august end as a refrence point. If we compare time between first wave and secound wave then we can estimate that there will be difference of 4 to 6 month. We can also take this diffrence in account for the predection.

Is the third covid wave in India will more challenging?

If we look bake on the first wave and secound wave then we can observe that we make the thing more challenging then it was in real. To understand properly I am going to divide this in there parts first one is our mistake , second is government’s mistake and the third and last politics . so lets start the first one

Things to learn from first and second wave :

  • In the end of first wave and start of the secound wave will all ignored the corona guidelines. We haven’t use mask and sanitizers. Instead of avoiding unwanted travelling ,we went on holidays . Not only we drop ourselves in the circle of death even our familys . We ignored to be strict in this dangerous scenario. Now lets move towards the government’s mistakes.
  • I am not pointing out a single level of government or execution but our govermnment was failed to handle the covid situation . There were many reasons which can we take in account like organising elections in this critical situation , and this thing make a dark space in everyone’s heart. Being speechless on ever question reated to beds , oxygen , vaccines etc. . Providing false infomartion on corona condition .
  • Politics is India now like breath which is a nessacary element of living . It can be about anything like the in the building of oxygen plants in Delhi , as out seven there were no plants were fixed. The Denial of bharat biothech over brazil covaxin . And the shortage of vaccines in India.
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Will there third wave covid lockdown?

As we saw in the last two waves that there were no earlier announcment of lockdown . It will decide after the wave as how much the wave is dangerous for the people of country . The lockdown is all about the present scenario of covid or corona. If the government find any spike or increase in the cases and feel to be ignore crowed then there will definetley the action of lock down will take in power. Here can be one more of lockdown like when government want some time for gathering of requirement or we can say the time for preparation like arrangment of medical kits , medicine .

See the third wave might be worst till now or can be in our control. All this is in our hand . so follow all covid guidelines, wear mask, maintain social distancing and use sanitizer. And get vaccinate , If vaccine is possible.

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