Venerable Thoughts

When the surrounding is in the favor of that beautiful rise, then a beautiful thought or Idea sprout out from the garden of the mind. There is no doubt that it came out because of someone’s influence or maybe because of some good or bad situation.

But the thing which matters is that it will definitely come out and the important thing which has to be noticed first is that it has a river of goodness or an ocean of evilness. The emotions of the Idea will define the future of it, popularity is for good and evil both but the ambition of the thought will decide that it will going to be great and will love by its people or not.

Venerable Thoughts
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But the question rises the ambition of thought is decided by the birth of it or do we make it worst or great?

Thought is always risen by the surrounding but it doesn’t mean that bad surrounding will always give bad thought and good surrounding will always be good. It depends upon our nature and behavior. But before going on about how it works let us think, what does the good or bad surroundings mean to be?

So being in bad surroundings means you are in an environment full of hate and negativity or even the situation in which something bad happens to you or the decline in productivity and break any relationship. In all these conditions, we all cover ourselves with negativity and hate.

While everything is said to be in a good environment when you are enjoying your life without any problems. It is like with needs you are also able to fulfill your desires and this all make a positive and dignified living environment.

So I hope you will get an idea about how a good environment is different from a bad one. Now let’s continue that it doesn’t influence by the environment.

Good and Bad Environment

If we are in a bad one then we can take it as an opportunity or we can make it an excuse. It’s up to us that how we are seeing that situation and what is our vision? We can make our vision good or can be worst. It’s totally in our hands The best part of the bad environment is that it always comes with an opportunity with the help of it we can improve ourselves.

If we look at the side of a Good environment then it makes us believe that we have something and we can take it to the most distinguished position. Or Either we can misuse it and can make it down. Its also based on our vision. If you noticed then you will find out that all the things are in our hands.

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The brief of both environments takes two terms in the count. The first one is vision and the other one is opportunity. We all own that all the successful people with a great Idea also have a great vision. See Idea and vision is not the same. An idea is just like a seed and vision is the way to provide perfect nutrition to the seed, and a sunny day is like a good environment that will provide all rays to the green pigments so that it will grow and provide a sweet fruit. And the vision is going to be like a reflection of yours which will reflect your good as well as your bad.

And all this will only happen if you would grab the opportunity to implement the idea and make it venerable.

Venerable thoughts are product of a great vision.


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