Agnipath Violence: The line of protests and violence

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Today I remember one quote from Martin Luther “Nothing good ever comes of Violence”. I literally believe in this. Because with violence we only lose never gain. I remembered it today because of the agnipath violence.

On the previous Fridays, we witnessed news about brutality and roughness. First, it was because of Muslims, and then it was because of students. All the people who joined that crowd were not protesters but rioters. Our democracy allows us to express our views on every opinion but peacefully.

But there is one more thing we can’t ignore which factors encourage this kind of violence. What was the reason that, forced a student, who was preparing for Armed Forces, to come out on the road and made him a rioter? we also discuss Why in today’s time protest is a trend?

Nearly all agree that our country needs reforms and massive enhancements in almost every sector. I’m saying about reforms not discussing it will be good or bad (So let’s ignore politics for some time). Our system is many decades old so Changement is not even important but a necessity too.

As time is changing and the population is increasing, and the need for services is increasing. So for the Improvement of services reforms are required. So till now, I tried to explain to you why reforms and Changement are important.

No doubt the current Government of India is implementing new reforms. It can be GST, demonetization,370, CAA, NRC, Farm law, and not Agnipath. Some of them were good some were bad. Some were in support of it and some were against it. But government had implmented many without any barriers, but some reforms created Conflits.

But those Changements which people or some group of people had not accepted, created conflicts. Conflicts deal with both protest and violence. Now if we remember the farm law which was a perfect example of the victory of protest, then we realize that the constitution exists in India. But in today’s situation, Agnipath violence is taking place directly. Let’s focus on why?

Violence is the result of a lack of communication between the government and the Public. In every implementation government just come on television and announce that it will be implemented. But the public’s what, how, and why gets ignored. And people stay unanswered. And we all know about the media who should have to be our voice, that is how it works today. Media, which is known to be the fourth pillar of our democracy had been silent on all the controversial issues till date.

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Then the people have no option and they start protesting. Yes, it’s our constitution that gives us the right to protest. Everyone is writing that all have to deal peacefully. But do we know that this employment process is working? Let’s look at the recruitment condition before going further.

For one year students are protesting for recruitment of SSCGD 2018 but no one is focusing on it. Thousands of students are organizing Tiranga rallies and strikes. But still, the public, media, and government ignored them. The recruitment came in 2018 for 60,210 seats. It was for CAPF. It took 4 years and only recruited 55,000 seats. And rest of the seats were empty. For these seats, students are protesting peacefully for one year. RRB-NTPC 2019 recruitment is not done too. This was the condition for the central level now look towards the state level.

Bihar Staff Selection commission announced the selection of 13,000 seats in 2014 for the clerk level. Still not done. The recruitment process for Home Guard 2010 is started now literally after 11 years. Teacher recruitment is not done for a long time. UP have the same situation. UP-SSC 2016 recruitment is not done yet. The same condition of junior clerk 2016. In Rajasthan, Panchayat Raj LDC recruitment for 19,515 seats is not done yet for 2019 and 2020.

Now let’s talk about the Armed forces. Only the Armed force’s recruitment is done always on time. For the students who are working hard. For clearing their physical and written. After two years of pandemic gap joining the army becomes more important. Thye have employment and age frustration.

Still, I am saying that violence is not a good option, students have to show their rejection without this Agnipath violence with non-violently strategies. Otherwise, Violence brings nothing.

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